Video of the Day: A Super Mario Brothers/Ghostbusters Mash-up!

I was just casually browsing through YouTube when I stumbled upon this brilliant video. Created by James Farr, it successfully mashes-up the worlds of Ghostbusters and Super Mario Brothers into one video. Not only does it manage to do so successfully, but it faithfully summarizes the actual plot of the movie with some Mario flair. The amount of subtle videogame references fly by so fast you have to watch it twice to get them all. The animation, soundtrack, sound effects, and voice acting (original and sampled) are top-notch stuff. It’s honestly one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in awhile.

What’s even better is that there’s an actual sequel to the video, which is just as fresh.

This dude deserves more attention. Somebody better hire him or I will.

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