The Strange Appeal of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Warning: Adult Content…Sort Of)

I don’t know what it is, but Steven has a way of making me buy whatever he wants me to play. A few days back he was bugging me to play Resident Evil 6, so I downloaded it, and we did a live-stream of it, which turned out pretty good actually.

We both got so bored of the game we said we would never play it again, but turns out the video is actually hilarious. Both of us suck pretty bad. Shame the audio cuts out from time to time, but that was my bad. I accidentally selected the wrong option, so our next video should have better audio. Anyways, all that to say that Steven and I try to play a lot of games together, and that I almost always pick up whatever he wants to play next, even though I have three newer games I should be reviewing.

Case in point, Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I was on the fence on whether or not I should pick it up. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and I didn’t want a game I’d play for literally one sitting and never touch again. For whatever reason I gave it a download at midnight and started playing the following morning. Right away I thought this was a game for three year old girls, or Steven, there’s no real difference.

Isn't that cute, BFFs forever.
Isn’t that cute, BFFs forever.

The game is filled with cute little animals, garbled voice acting, and minimalistic gameplay. You can fish, dig up fossils, plant trees, catch bugs, etc. Very simple stuff. You can also customize almost every single aspect of your little town. From the flag that flies over your city hall, to the chime the bells ring whenever the clock strikes the hour, the choices are entirely up to you. You can even customize the clothes you wear, the way the town looks, and so much more. You can send letters to the residents, you can invite friends to your town, and even go on a little tropical adventure with a buddy. Naturally this is a game for two full-grown men!

Having just been released on Sunday (June 9th) I have already logged in over 20 hours! That’s nothing compared to Steven, although he has two people playing it almost continuously so it’s not a fair comparison. So why is it so addicting? Honestly, because we’re both children that’s why.

What’s the very first thing I did when I could write letters to the villagers? I started a love triangle between three of the townsfolk. I have a story going where one of the female characters is actually a man, and is cheating on another character’s husband, even though no two characters live together. Why do that, well why not?

I made this my town theme.

It took me over two hours to figure out how to get the tune just right. Ask Steven, it’s pretty bad ass though. I also copied his flag design, which was a Triforce. His design looks like it was created by a four year old, whereas mine looked so much better. That was my original design though, the new one is slightly more mature.

Ah penises everywhere!
Ah penises everywhere!

Over the past few days I’ve done nothing but play this silly game because of all the ridiculous customization options you can make to your town. Outside of penises everywhere, which is thanks to Steven, I’m actually building bridges in my town now, and plan to continue to do so until I have much easier access to get from one part of town to the next. It’s being able to visit and leave messages in Steven’s village that’s the real appeal. We have been sending each other so many jokes it’s been completely nuts. Since we’re both children, there almost always penis jokes, as you can see. It’s dumb, it’s childish, but you know what, it’s also fun as hell.

4 thoughts on “The Strange Appeal of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Warning: Adult Content…Sort Of)”

  1. Im not surprised one bit by how much youre enjoying this game. Been a huge fan since the gamecube original and I knew this would appeal to you as well. Never laughed so hard while playing a videogame. Never expected that from AC. The fact that youre now beating me in payments is even more surprising. I wish Tim wouldnt live in a different universe so he could join the fun. Its alot more exicting when you have real people inyour village. Did you enjoy the letter O sent you yeterday? That outfit must look fantastic on you.

      1. Steven and I have been having an immature blast. The two of us are constantly doing stupid things in our respective villages. Not sure what else could convince you if this article didn’t ;)

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