Sony’s PS4 Taking a Commanding Pre-Order Lead

Amazon set up a versus page on Facebook to get an idea of what hardcore gamers think of the next-gen consoles.  You can see the results in real-time here.  As of writing this article there are 35,177 people who voted for the PlayStation 4, and 1,953 who voted for the Xbox One.  That’s over 18 times as many people voted for the PS4 as the Xbox One. has currently sold out of its pre-order allotment of PS4s, while their Xbox Ones are still available. has non-guaranteed launch day PS4s in the top spot of highest selling items on the site, Xbox One in number two, and launch day PS4s in number three, but five other PS4 items make the top twenty, whereas only two items make the list from the Xbox One.  While one retailer hardly makes a difference, Amazon is not alone.

Pre-war winner?
Pre-war winner?

Here in Canada both Best Buy and Futureshop are completely pre-sold out of the PlayStation 4, but you can still place an order for the Xbox One.  There have also been reports that Gamespot is nearing their pre-sell out, but their Xbox One pre-orders are still far from filled.  We’ll have to wait for confirmation on other outlets, but all of this points to the obvious, as of right now the PlayStation 4 is outperforming the Xbox One.

While the generation hasn’t even begun yet, gamers the world over have felt tremendously burned by the restrictions placed on the Xbox One, and consumers are speaking with their wallets.  So I pose a question to all you COE readers out there.  Have any of you pre-ordered a next-gen system, and if so which one, and why.  I’m curious to see what our own fanbase has to say about this.

4 thoughts on “Sony’s PS4 Taking a Commanding Pre-Order Lead”

  1. I have just Pre ordered my PS4 today. The reason being that i’ve prefered using playstation’s in the last few years using mine as a player & gaming device. Titles like uncharted & infamous drove me to the console.

    At first I was a Xbox fan from the original all the way to the 360 but for me Halo although a fantastic series after 3 I got bored with it & same wirh Gears of War which I’ve played countless of hours even made lan parties during GoW1&2. But further down I started using my playstation since I upgraded to Blu-ray movies & sincd mist third party game were cross platform I sticked with it.

    Being a guy that trades in game to buy new game(not used) the DRM just through me off & if I had to pay to play multiplayer I preferred what Sony had to offer when you subscribed. Also titles like Infamous Second Son didn’t hurt either as an exclusive :)

  2. Gotta admit I was expecting the PS4 to take over (at least to start off) but never expected it to be so dominant!

  3. I fully expect Microsoft to make changes in time. The thing is the more we learn about Xbox One, the less likely it seems they’ll ever be able to make the system truly offline compatible because games are actually being built around the concept of always being connected. They’ve got some cloud-based calculations going on for games like Forza, and they talked up cloud-gaming like crazy during their press conference and during their hands-on with the E3 demos, so I’m not sure that’s a problem that can be fixed. That said, they can and should do away with the trading/lending restrictions they have. That alone would help them shave off at least some of the negative PR.

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