Good ‘ol Games (GOG) Summer Sale is On Now!

Right now GOG ( is having their no DRM summer sale. They have over 500 games on sale, some reduced by a whopping 75%. While I know we only have a few PC gamers out there in the COE community, this is a deal you don’t want to miss! I just bought the Daedalic Adventure Pack for $26.19 instead of $104.94. I’ve been in the mood for a good adventure game ever since Steven told me to check out The Starship Damrey on the 3DS. Saving 75% is well worth it to me. The best news is that most of the games on GOG don’t require a ridiculously powerful computer to enjoy the games on max settings.

Like Steam, GOG has timed deals as well. Every day there’s a new deal waiting to be discovered. The sale lasts until July 5th, and I highly recommend everyone go and check it out right away. It’s so worth it! You can discover timeless classics like the original Fallout games, or maybe you’re more interested in spending $10 on The Witcher 2. Whatever tickles your fancy, go check out GOG right now to save big on some excellent videogames!

2 thoughts on “Good ‘ol Games (GOG) Summer Sale is On Now!”

    1. Agreed Steven. I know you’d be all over these adventure games if you had the chance to pick them up. They look downright amazing, and for the price, you can’t complain. Just wait for Steam’s summer sale in a few more weeks, that’s real madness because they go nuts with the games they offer. Brand new $60 games will be as low as $15. It’s crazy!

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