Let’s Try: New Super Luigi U – Live Stream

Let’s look at the Wii U for some DLC madness after a long drought. Enjoy the gameplay, commentary, and epic fails. Will be up soon on YouTube. Edit: Stream over. Archive gameplay starts at the 2:40 mark.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Try: New Super Luigi U – Live Stream”

  1. I have no idea where the 3rd star coin is in the 2nd level. Will have to ask miiverse for help on that one. Awesome video and this had to be some of the best dlc ever released.

    1. Gotta agree that this DLC surprised me. The difficulty is off the charts. Glad you liked the video dude. More to come. :)

      If you find that Star Coin, hit me up.

  2. The 3rd star coin is at the end, before jumping into the green pipe, jump with the squirrel suit and glide at the left and youll find it. I noticed you didnt get the first coin of that level also. It’s right at the beginning near the piranha plants, theres an invisible wall to the left.

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