Xbox One Policy Changes and What They Mean to You

I put together a little video late yesterday talking a bit about the changes Microsoft made to the Xbox One policies about used games, online connectivity, etc.

As I say in the video these are all excellent changes, but has your faith in the brand diminished any?  What do you plan to do now that all these changes have been made?  Are you going to pick up an Xbox One?

3 thoughts on “Xbox One Policy Changes and What They Mean to You”

  1. Although I was against all the restrictions when they were announced I was already set on buying a PS4. I’ve always had a Microsoft product first having waited 2 years before buying a PS3. Throughoug the years I enjoyed all MS product & titles that came out but then started to slowly stop playing with my Xbox 360 when my PS3 started being used to play my BRD movies & my Xbox became a distant memory.

    I merely dusted my Xbox 360 during Gears of Wars releases or even Halo releases to play the campaign opting to play Mutliplayer a little but found myself buying a 12 month gold membership only playing maybe 2 months before getting bored ( my own fault for buying a 12months rather then a 3), even with CoD titles. I’m glad they decided to cave to the consumer to make sure they sold consoles by removing all those restrictions though makes me more likely to get one eventually, but I do find the ideas they had were really great ideas that were just not informed properly & for me was a bit too early considering not everyone has stable internet, some travel & I personally prefer having physical copies then going digital.

    I find that MS probably has a better line up for launch titles compared to Sony but the overall view of what Sony was bringing & the titles to come are is ultimately what drove me to even buying a Next Gen console at launch. I’m quite interested in Knack (launch day title), BF4 & Watch Dogs ( not exclusives), while Infamous: Second House I can’t wait to play as well whenever that launches.

    For me buying an Xbox One I will most likely wait till or if they release a Bundle with a next Halo or something like I’ve seen in the past with the Xbox 360.

    1. I agree that the launch line-up for the Xbox One is stronger than that of the PS4. Microsoft has more titles that appeal to me right now than Sony does. Sure Driveclub, Killzone, and Knack all look good, and I’m sure they will be, Forzs and Ryse both look absolutely killer. Anyways, I’ll be there day one and I have a whole set of videos and articles planned. Should be a really fun time later this year :)

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