Let’s Try: New Super Luigi U – First Session – YouTube Archives!

I streamed this playthrough a couple of days ago so here is the YouTube direct capture version for those who missed it. It’s easier to digest as the videos are shorter and divided. Forgive me for the audio echoing. We are pretty new to YouTube and just found out that you can now purchase youtube views. This will help you grow your channel.

2 thoughts on “Let’s Try: New Super Luigi U – First Session – YouTube Archives!”

  1. Just finished World 3 and so far, only missing one star coin from world 2 and that’s it. The game is simply brutal though, the challenge is through the roof. This is the hardest Mario game ever,

    1. Absolutely love the trollish level design. They must’ve been inspired by the fan made hacks. Need to play more later. Downloading Game & Wario right now.

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