My First Pokémon Impressions

For anyone that’s been reading the site for any extended period of time, you know that I’ve never really given Pokémon a chance. You also know that Steven bought me a copy of Pokémon White Version 2, and that I’ve been slowly making my way through the game. I should put emphasis on slowly. Since he bought it for me I’ve put in about three and a half hours thus far. I would have played way more, but I’ve been extremely busy trying to make my way through BioShock: Infinite, Resident Evil 6, and trying to access the PC beta of Dragon Quest X. Needless to say, mixed with it being summer and me trying to enjoy my personal life, well time has been very hard to come by as of late.

So what are my initial impressions of the game, it’s crap, complete garbage. Can’t believe anyone can actually play this trash. It would be hilarious if those were my actual impressions hehe. The truth is that at first I thought OK, this is pretty standard fair. I moved my little guy around, who walked so slow it was insane, but before long I had my first Pokémon, a Tepig, which is a fire type. I spent the next hour or so going around capturing wild Pokémon, and leveling my Tepig. Before long I made my way to the first gym and defeated the gym leader. I was then tasked with going to another village to take on the second leader, but I haven’t had the chance to play again.

Fear the might of the Tepig!
Fear the might of the Tepig!

The first thing that surprised me was just how deep the game can get. At first it was really simple, my Pokémon only had a couple of moves, and my freedom was extremely limited, but I can see where this is going. I’d imagine in a few more hours, once I have my full team ready to go, and I’ve unlocked lots of different moves, this is going to get extremely complicated. I still have to learn all the different Pokémon types, and which ones are strong against others. I need to figure out which moves I should keep, and which I don’t need. I also need to get a better team because right now I feel underpowered. It’s funny because for years and years I thought this series was nothing more than a simple child’s game, but now I can see that’s not true at all.

Not everything is rosy though.  When the game told me to head online in order to gain access to both the multiplayer and gifts, I was unable to.  The DS was never updated to accept WPA wireless encryption, and as such I have no way of actually getting the game online.  Even though I’m playing on the 3DS, this is a DS game, and as such it is limited by the DS hardware.  It was rather annoying, and now I’m likely going to have to buy a wireless adapter for my PC in order to head online to try it out.  I’m a sucker for free gifts!

While these impressions are super basic, they should tide you over until I have more time to devote to the game. I’m excited to see what comes next, and I need to get cracking before I forget what it is I’m supposed to do :-P

6 thoughts on “My First Pokémon Impressions”

  1. Yeah hopefully you start playing the game more now. And yeah, Nintendo are behind the times with online play, especiallly with this series’ strong esport following. Hopefully Y and X will fix all this.

      1. Yeah it’s rather unfortunate that playing your DS games on 3DS do not allow forward compatibility with the current software settings in order to use WPA wi-fi. I would imagine it to be a simple software fix, but it looks like DS games have to be patched in order to do so.

        You can either temporarily change your router to WEP, or buy a cheap ass router, make it WEP-only, then turn it into an access point.

        Pokemon is a surprisingly deep JRPG, Jarrod. You’ll enjoy the hell out of it.

        1. I actually don’t think it’s worth it to do anything at this point. I’ll just play through the single player portion of the game, and then if I really get into it, I’ll check out X and Y, which are 3DS games to begin with. I’ve got so much to cover over the next couple of weeks it’s insane!

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