Dragon Quest X Offline Walkthrough/Playthrough

First off, I’m really sorry about the audio.  I used a new program to live stream this to Twitch and I found out afterwards you need to lower the in-game music volume in order to hear your voice more clearly.  On top of that I wasn’t connected to the correct server so it wouldn’t allow me to stream in 720p.  I’ve since fixed both issues, but there’s nothing else I can show of DQ X without going online, and that requires a ton of work on my end, but if you guys really want to see it I can probably make it happen.  Gameplay doesn’t change much though, outside more people running all over the place.

As I said, kind of poor quality, but I do hope you get an idea of what Square-Enix was going for here.  Once you head online you get access to much larger areas, and you can party up with actual people.  You can even rent characters which is really cool.  For example, let’s say I’m offline, someone can rent my avatar to join them on their quests.  I believe I make the gold, but sadly my character wouldn’t gain any experience, sort of like what you see in this video with the NPCs that join me.

If you have any questions, or would like to see more gameplay, just let me know.  Once again, really sorry about the quality of the video.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Offline Walkthrough/Playthrough”

  1. Good video man and wow this is not an MMO from what I have seen haha. Can’t wait for your next part my friend. I want to see the online version of the game

    1. It’s my understanding that this section acts like a tutorial on the gameplay mechanics and whatnot. That’s why the party members don’t level up, because of the “rent a warrior” in the online portion. I believe what Square-Enix was going for was a “this is the old, and now welcome to the new.” I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for here.

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