Project COE’s Top 5 Pokémon Battles

As part of COE’s continuous coverage of Pokémon in the anticipation of X & Y‘s release, I thought it would be a good idea to revisit some of my “famous” battle videos. I’ve compiled a list of my favorites below. Hope you enjoy!

Number 5.

My very first 6 on 6 battle. This opened the eyes of many fellow staff members, showing just how deep Pokémon actually is. I ended up learning a lot, and every week I had new Pokémon and new strategies. Still, all my videos are not even close to showing the true potential of the series. When you look at YouTube channels that feature actual champions, it’s just mind blowing. Anyhow, this battle ended up pretty good, and I got my first official 6 on 6 victory.

Number 4.

This is a classic. Mewto was such a beast in the old days, and I had not really seen him again since this fight. Bottom line, he kicked my ass. I usually battle people with pretty straightforward rules, only one legendary allowed. I now prefer battling without legendaries at all, as they can often dictate the entire result of a battle. Anyhow, it was the case here. I did manage to faint his Mewto at one point, but the damage was already done. Good all around entertaining bout.

Number 3.

This is the only video where I fought a real-life friend in a full 6 on 6 brawl. The battle was actually pretty tight, Stéphane could have probably won with a few simple changes to his strategy. He still lives in the 90’s, so retreat is never an option. Anyway, I hope that one day he finally gets around to raising his Pokémon White 2 team so we can have many other battles like this one.

Number 2.

This was my first test against someone who used Pokésav. Pokésav is actually a program that you can get on your PC which allows you to customize every single stat of your Pokémon. It also lets you create any Pokémon whatsoever, so you can basically build yourself a powerful team of six level 100 Pokémon with max stats. I personally am against it, but I understand that raising these creatures is quite consuming. Anyhow, I was surprised by the outcome of this. Even with a legit-raised team, I was actually able to compete against a custom created super team. I ended up losing at the end, but still able to make the fight entertaining and close right until the end.

Number 1.

My most memorable fight is definitely this one. This introduced me to V-Create, one the cheapest moves I’ve ever seen. It basically KO’s most pokes in one single hit. It does seriously hinder your stats afterwards, but a simple switch resets them. The fact that I was actually able to defeat this guy in the end makes for a Hollywood ending.

So there you go, hope you enjoyed these videos and I’d like to hear your thoughts on them. If you have other battles from other channels you’d like to discuss or share please do so in the comments below. In the mean time, keep it locked to for more Pokémon stories every week!

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  1. Steven do you know if they have team online battles we should totally set up for that. Btw I will have 3 new Pokémon’s lvl 100 soon for our rematch.

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