5 thoughts on “Dragon Quest X Online Playthrough (Part 2)”

  1. Thanks for posting this Steven. I LOVE the caption you wrote above, classic stuff. Actually made me laugh out loud. I didn’t expect them to be that strong, but c’est la vie. If this happens to me after level 10 though I am royally screwed. They take half your gold away. What this means is that before I got exploring, I’m going to dump all of my gold in the bank just in case. I wanted to post a lot more, but I was having a lot of issues with the server I use to mask my IP. As such I wasted over an hour this morning because of continuous log-outs and disconnects. Either way, the next video will highlight a boss battle with Giganfu, or at least I think that’s his name. Haven’t seen the Kana in a while so not sure. Anyways, hope you guys are enjoying, and I’m super pleased Square-Enix extended the hours so now every morning I can play for a little while, and all day on Saturday.

    1. I guess you could say they made gold harder because it’s an MMO, and they certainly don’t want you to be over-geared. Right now I’ve been grinding for gold more so than anything else. Right now I’ve got enough to purchase the new set of claws, and then I’ll fight Giganfu and head to one of the main cities.

    1. I’m actually putting it together now. The end is funny because I say “ok I’m going to stop the video now, but it’ll likely be three seconds for you” and now it’ll be a day’s wait lol.

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