OC ReMix Strikes Again — Final Fantasy VI: Balance & Ruin Finally Released!

If you don’t know what OC ReMix is, get out from under that rock you’re rotting in. An organization set to celebrate videogame music, running strong for 13 years, have finally released their 40th album. Arguably their biggest work yet, what better than to tackle the best of the best? The original composer is Nobuo Uematsu. The game is Final Fantasy VI. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you it’s one of the best entries in the series, which conveniently contains some of the best music in the series, too. Each character in its large cast had a diverse theme, each track tried to go for a certain feel and genre. From Shadow’s country/western-like composition to Emperor Gestahl’s sweeping march symphony that always sends chills down my spine — From the infamous Maria & Draco opera to the quirky and appropriately-named Spinach Rag; Mr. Uematsu’s masterpiece constantly surprises you with versatility and memorable melodies. It’s fitting then that OC ReMix tributes this track in the only way they know how; make it more versatile and memorable. While a soundscape update to the original 16-bit tunes is always a treat, that’s not OCR’s primary goal. Just like Uematsu, they’re here to make videogame music sweep through a lot of genres and expand on the composition on the original melodies in unique ways. One could argue that this style of remixing may cause the original sound to get lost in the shuffle and become undetectable, but OCR’s remixers mostly manage to balance nostalgia and newness excellently. Their previous Final Fantasy album, VII’s Voices of a Lifestream, is one such album in my opinion. It contains some of the best material I’ve heard from OCR, and judging by the preview trailer of FFVI, they’re looking to topple whatever they’ve made in the past.

Epic trailer indeed. I like how they highlight the actual remixers of the album because they truly deserve it. I hear hints of Dancing Mad in there, going for a Middle Eastern fusion sort of thing. Jillian Goldin is featured with her beautiful female vocals. Electric guitars, orchestra, a violin version of Spinach rag, a rock version of Maria & Draco, and the list goes on and on. I have not listened to the full album yet at this time of writing, but I’m looking forward to the ride as soon as I click that publish button. As usual, it’s free to download…but for those who have contributed to the Kickstarter will get their physical edition (with a bonus DVD) soon enough. For now, let’s enjoy some free remixed videogame music. I’m sure a lot of old-school FFVI fans will pick their top 10 favorite remixes off this album, including yours truly. Keep it locked for album impressions!

7 thoughts on “OC ReMix Strikes Again — Final Fantasy VI: Balance & Ruin Finally Released!”

  1. Thanks for letting us all know about this. Sounds epic indeed. It’s funny, but I’ve been thinking about going back and replaying FF VI, been a very long time. I barely remember anything from the game, so it would make for a very fun playthrough. I’m going to go download the album right now and give it a listen to as I finish up some work.

      1. I’m not sure where I would play it. If it was on the Wii U I think that would be the ideal solution if only because I could have it on the tablet for when Sarina’s watching TV. It truly sucks that Nintendo is taking so bloody long with releasing their hits on the VC on the Wii U. Same can be said for the third party devs as well.

  2. In my opinion, VI is the best in the series, though IV is my personal favorite. I think VI has aged more gracefully than VII, actually. I downloaded VI on my Wii and I’m looking forward to the upgrade on the Wii U–the GamePad support and Restore Point features will be great. I still have my original SNES cart and love it to death. I’ve never played the GBA version but I really want to get it sometime.

    As for OC Remix, I don’t think I’ll be as excited for anything as I was for Maverick Rising, which was such an epic collection of Mega Man X tunes. But I am very happy for this. I think VI has the best music in the series, Celes’ Theme especially.

    1. Odds are you’re going to have one hell of a wait for FF VI to hit the Wii U VC there Tim. Nintendo is drip releasing content on the Wii U, and to be perfectly honest it’s annoying as hell. There are hundreds of games I’d like to have on the GamePad because of all the times when I can’t use the TV. Anyways, really hoping Nintendo increases the rate of releases on the VC ASAP.

      1. I agree, I don’t know why Nintendo is being so slow-going with this. They could easily add a dozen games each week. We still haven’t seen any N64 or Genesis games hit the Wii U VC either, which makes no sense to me. This would be a perfectly good way to get some interest in Wii U, because there isn’t enough content. If Nintendo were aggressive enough, they could start putting out more VC games to try and get users happy. I’m still hoping that Earthbound will also be included in the 30 cents deal they have going on for the rest of the year, but we’ll see.

        Also, I have to wonder when/if Nintendo will do GameCube downloads for Wii U. There are a lot of great games they could re-release and it would be awesome if they had GamePad support too.

        1. We’ve had a few articles on the site over the past month talking about this very issue. It seems like Nintendo is very unfocused right now, like they just don’t know what to do with the Wii U. We’ve got some truly excellent software coming out later this year with DK, Mario, and Zelda, but everything else seems to be up in the air. When questioned about the VC, they don’t seem to really care too much about the service. It’s amazing too with Miiverse integration, but if Nintendo doesn’t take advantage of it, players just stop caring. Simple as that.

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