One thought on “Dragon Quest X Online Playthrough (Part 4)”

  1. The next video is a big one guys. A YouTube user found this video and asked if I could come online and give him a hand, as he doesn’t understand any Japanese. So you’ll see your very first party team-up! It’s pretty damn cool if I do say so, and really makes me wish more of you guys would get into this game. Anyways, there won’t be a new installment today as I spent all the time grinding. I managed to purchase the full set of gear you saw me start to collect, but I still require quite a bit of cash in order to begin the party quest. I also picked up blacksmithing as a profession so I’ll be able to show you that next time. My new partner in crime is going to attempt to pick up one of the other professions so we can switch back trade weapons and gear amongst ourselves and save our gold ;) Some really good times ahead, just a real shame it all comes to an end on July 10th :(

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