Meeting a New Friend in Dragon Quest X

This morning something very special happened, something completely and utterly unexpected, I actually paired up with another player in Dragon Quest X. One of my biggest fears has been that someone will find out I’m not Japanese and ban my account. I’ve heard this happening to quite a few people, so I tend to be very quiet whenever I’m in a main city. I don’t want to give it away that I don’t understand everything going on. Thanks to ProjectCOE and YouTube, that’s no longer a fear of mine.

This morning I checked the COE YouTube inbox, and low and behold there was a message from a YouTube user named IpeeInYourSoup. He was looking for some help in the game as he doesn’t speak or understand any Japanese whatsoever. I told him to send me a private message with his Skype username, and within a few minutes we were on Skype together. That’s where the fun began.

That lovely notification in the top right corner is what has been hindering my progress since the get-go. It basically says the servers are going to shut down at 23:59, which was about ten minutes after I took this image. Grr!

Dragon Quest features a ton of Kanji so even if you know a lot of Hiragana or Katakana, that doesn’t always help. Needless to say I thought meeting up and actually joining a party would be a nightmare. Turns out it was a complete breeze. Two seconds after we met we were in a party together. I showed him around グレン (Guren, or Glen as everyone refers to it), and we set our plan of attack for tomorrow. Sadly by the time he had gotten back to me in a PM, the servers only had about forty minutes left before they shut down for the day. So we couldn’t exactly do much.

Just walking around and being able to speak with someone in this vast world was a real joy. I can tell you right now that if this game ever gets released in North America, I’m going to be playing it for a very long time. Between all the customization options available with skill points, the profession system, and the insane number of world bosses, there’s little reason to put it down to be honest. This is classic Dragon Quest, except where everyone you meet is a living, breathing, real-life person. It’s amazing to be able to share your love of the series with someone else as you just grind through some levels.

I would love to be able to experience this game with more people, especially those that happen to speak my language. I’m going to try and convince some of the COE staff members to climb aboard when the next wave of testing begins, because this has been a true blast and I know at least three other people on the site that would have just as much as I am having.

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    1. Absolutely right, but what are the odds? They’re not very high, so if you don’t understand Japanese they can report you as being a player from another country. That’s against policy, because this beta is only open to Japan currently. So English players typically remain silent for fear of getting their account banned.

  1. Glad you met someone in the service. But seriously? Getting banned because you’re not a Japanese player? That sucks. I know it’s fair, but Square-Enix and other players shouldn’t be too strict on these things as non-Japanese players serve to promote the game itself, not hinder it.

    1. The next video is uploading as I type this, but sadly the person I teamed up with wasn’t online. The 12 hour time difference is what’s killing it, but hopefully tomorrow we can pair up. I just want to show how that works. This video I’m posting now is a very big one that shows a ton of different things from the party quest, to the material quest, and how to join a profession and level up in it. I also believe I’m coming to the end of this phase of the beta. I’m supposed to take down Swordmaster Oren, but the area I was told to go to is inaccessible. Basically I go there and “this section is not in the current phase of the beta” pops up, which means I believe this is it for now, which is great since this phase ends on Wednesday. Since the game launches the end of September, I’m going to say the next phase will begin towards the end of July, with one final phase sometime right near the end of August.

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