Time to Kiss Your Wallet Goodbye – Steam Summer Sale Begins Today! (Updated)

In what has become a tradition, Valve will unleash a flood of ridiculous game deals starting today at 1PM Eastern on their Steam digital download platform.  We don’t know which games will be listed for 99% off, but seriously if you have a gaming-worthy PC, today’s the day your wallet cries, and your PC smiles.

Steam Summer Sale

Steam is currently being bombarded with people trying to access all the deals, so if you’re having issues just try a little later.  New deals will be added every day from July 11th to the 22nd, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for games you’re interested in.  Bioshock Infinite is on sale for $30, Left 3 Dead 2 is only $5, and there are countless other deals you won’t want to miss!

2 thoughts on “Time to Kiss Your Wallet Goodbye – Steam Summer Sale Begins Today! (Updated)”

  1. This is the very first time I’m participating in Steam sales and I can see why wallets cry. There are some crazy good deals to find. I nabbed Civ 5 for only 12$, The Last Remnant for 3$ and To the Moon for 3$.

    1. Just wait Ahmed, this is only the beginning. Remember it runs from the 11th to the 22nd and EVERY DAY they have deals like this. So far I only picked up Civ V, but I’m positive there will be way more coming soon ;)

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