Earthbound Now Available on Wii U eShop

Nintendo put together a brand new Nintendo Direct Mini for your viewing pleasure, which I’ve included right here.

The biggest news is clearly at the end when it’s revealed that Earthbound will be available for download today when the eShop updates for $9.99. Yes that’s two dollars more than SNES games typically go for, but hey at least the game’s out right? You can also view the official strategy guide directly from the GamePad via accessing from your Wii U.

Like Steven said to me, it’s actually cheaper to buy a Wii U and this game from the eShop than it is to buy a mint copy of Earthbound from eBay so there’s no excuse!

So, how many of you are going to be giving this one a download today? I know I sure am.

5 thoughts on “Earthbound Now Available on Wii U eShop”

    1. Count me in! Never played the original so I’ve looking forward to this for so long. The online digital guide is a nice touch. Thanks for the link to that site btw. Couldn’t find it on google.

          1. I’m stopping for the night. Got to level 16, and making my way through Peaceful Rest Valley. I forgot how challenging this part of the game is. The only aspect of Earthbound that hasn’t aged well is with the lack of explanations on any of the spells, and the lack of stat increases and decreases on weapons/armor. Everything else holds up incredibly well given how old the game is. This is no push-over RPG that’s for sure.

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