The Sky: Art of Final Fantasy – Unboxing & Showcase

It had a very limited print run in the past, but now it’s back. Dark Horse recently republished this beautiful collection of artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, representing the Final Fantasy series from I to X. Allow me to unbox and showcase these art books for you, reminiscing the past as we flip through the pages.

4 thoughts on “The Sky: Art of Final Fantasy – Unboxing & Showcase”

  1. I wouldn’t say it was quality or effort they put in when they moved from NES to SNES, more that they now had the ability to do far greater variety of animations and sprites ;) That being said, the final book should be a mile long if that were the case so maybe you’re right after all :-P Awesome video there Ahmed, I truly enjoyed every minute of it :)

    1. You’re still right though. I believe it’s a mixture of both factors. With the SNES era, artwork in general had a lot more attention put into it as an expansion to the main game. I also think the reason why is that as technology got better, the need for hand-drawn art assets became less and less important. A lot of companies since then depended on the in-game assets as art instead of going for the hand-drawn route. It’s just the matter of the effort being distributed to somewhere else instead of drawing and illustrations a.k.a. the old-school method. Kind of similar how the film animation industry has evolved, too. Less drawing, more graphical assets.

      In this particular instance, another factor that I briefly allude to is that Amano left Square after FF6, and Nomura was the replacement for the series. The 3rd book is basically his take on Nomura’s character designs, which is really interesting to see for the first time. IX was the only game that Nomura didn’t draw for.

      Really glad you enjoyed this dude. I thought it was going to be kind of boring considering I take like 30 minutes to skim through three art books.

      This talk has actually inspired me to do something else relating to game art and referring to your reply. I’ll fill you in as soon as I get started.

      1. Sounds good to me Ahmed, and you’re 100% right about the evolution of the medium. I didn’t think of that when I did the reply, but you’re absolutely correct.

        I LOVE videos like this, so by all means if you’re planning on doing go for it!

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