Steven and Jarrod’s Night on the Town

Sometimes you just want to let loose and have fun, and that’s exactly what Steven and I did this evening. We met up at our favorite discotheque and let the good times roll.


Take a look at those eyes, you could tell crazy stuff was about to happen, and boy did it!



After we danced our butts off we decided to take a quick break from all the action. Dancing’s hard work you know!


While we were sitting down relaxing a bit, we noticed that other party animal who was wreaking up the dance floor so we figured we couldn’t just let him dance alone.



Look at those moves! Once the clock struck 8:30 or so we decided that was enough. There’s only so much dancing you can do before your legs give out.


This is how we ended the evening, just sitting down enjoying the beautiful moonlight.

4 thoughts on “Steven and Jarrod’s Night on the Town”

    1. Laughing keeps you young man. That’s why I plan to live forever lol. If I keep playing this game I just might. Can’t believe how much I’ve laughed just by playing this. I thought I would play for a bit, but I’m closing in on almost 40 hours here, and you’re closing in on 90! Lol, madness!

  1. Holy fucking hell is that ever funny! Rofl man I was there in spirit guys! Ha ha i loved your talk as you guys were ending your last podcast. Bitching about having to pay too much to upgrade your basement or wtv lol :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed. When you get back to Canada we should all get together and do something wild and crazy. This game is just too cool for Steven and I to play alone lol. Ok back to work now. Been four days with no updates! This can’t continue! Damn industry and no late-breaking news.

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