Watch Jarrod Destroy Giygas (Earthbound Final Boss)

It’s pretty shocking when I post a Let’s Play video and I don’t have a running commentary, but I wanted the game to speak for itself.  Needless to say this is a MAJOR spoiler as not only do I show you the final boss of the game, but I also show you the final end-game credits.  Basically this is a video you’re not going to want to watch if you have never played Earthbound before.  That said, for everyone else, sit back and watch my super skills!

Yes I am pretty ballsy.  Under normal circumstances I never would have done something like this, but I really wanted the game to end so I could write the review, and put together the video review for sometime tomorrow.  This is a classic, and I truly hope all of you out there get to experience it at least once.  It’s a true 16-bit gem that millions have never played before.  Remedy that!

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