Nintendo Reveals Earthbound Announcement Community on Miiverse

Something is up at Nintendo of America. Yesterday Nintendo opened up a brand new community channel on Miiverse titled “Earthbound Announcement Community.” What’s interesting is only official Nintendo of America personnel can actually write on this channel. Since the public community is already open, and has tens of thousands of active members at any given time, it’s a little odd that Nintendo would open a Nintendo-only announcement community when we’re talking about a series that began and ended in North America in 1995. Here’s the first post Nintendo made in the community.

Earthbound Announcement Community

Obviously this move has tons of people questioning the true motives behind the creation of this new channel. Does Nintendo plan to bring Mother and Mother 3 to North America? Was the response to Earthbound truly that great that it has changed Nintendo of America’s stance on the series as a whole? Right now we don’t know enough to make any educated guesses, but this is by far the best possible news Earthbound fans could hope for. While it could all be for not, why would they make an Earthbound announcement community and then never announce anything? That makes no sense at all. This was clearly done so they had a place to discuss further plans for the series.

What do you think Nintendo of America plans to do?

4 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals Earthbound Announcement Community on Miiverse”

  1. Would be cool if they released Mother here. In fact, they should release all japanese games that never saw the light of day here. With virtual releases, the risk is minimal.

    1. While I’d love that, there’s no way they’d be willing to invest any money into games like the original Fire Emblem, Famicom Wars, etc. It would be low risk, but they would rather put those resources elsewhere I’m sure. It’s sad because the Virtual Console could be SO much more than it is right now.

    1. I really wonder what the sales are though. I mean we now know that lifetime sales of the Wii U are 3.61 million, so realistically how high could they be? I’m thinking that Nintendo was simply surprised that enough people were interested in the game to begin with. If this means we can get more games in the series, awesome, but I’m hoping this isn’t just some evil and twisted tease.

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