Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost Video Preview

Looking for an old-school Dragon Quest game unlike any you’ve played before?  Well, this is the game for you.  It’s called Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost, and is a fan-made DQ game that features top tier production values.  These guys went all out.  The person primarily responsible for this game goes by the handle Orias_Obderhode, and I’ve got to admit, as a huge DQ fan I’m extremely impressed.  Take a look at the latest video I posted which talks a bit about the game.

Pretty remarkable wouldn’t you say?  If you want to try the game out for yourself, give it a download at RPGmaker.net.  It costs nothing, and is only about 250MB large.  It can run on virtually any PC out there so once again, I really encourage all of you reading this to give it a spin.

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