Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Has a Shadow Triforce and…an Item Shop?

The most recent Nintendo direct talked about a lot of tidbits regarding A Link Between Worlds, including some gameplay and lore.

As a fanatic of the timeline, I appreciated the little details in plot that Iwata touched upon for both A Link to the Past and The Wind Waker in this video, finally not treating us fans like idiots. This game will take place centuries after A Link to the Past, and it’s confirmed that Ganon has been sealed but not killed in ALttP. One out-of-the-box element in this spiritual sequel is the existence of a Shadow version of the Triforce as hinted at in the logo and by Iwata, which has never been seen in the Zelda lore before. I’m really curious on how will they expand on that bit and what the pieces of the Dark Triforce will represent. Perhaps this is why Ganon hasn’t been killed off in ALttP has most of us have expected.

In terms of gameplay, the trailer above finally reveals the Dark World in all its glory, with one key difference; you will rely on Link’s new wall-hugging power to travel back and forth between the worlds instead of certain tile sets and the magic mirror, which mixes things up a lot. It will take me awhile to re-orient myself to this awesome world due to this little change. Also, the Dark World Theme remix in the background sounds absolutely awesome.

Finally, there’s a little tidbit left out of the Nintendo Direct, shared by Mr. Aonuma in a Miiverse post instead. Take a look at this screenshot from the post:

zelda item shop
Do you see what’s being sold in this item shop? We know that quantities of items won’t matter anymore due to the universal stamina meter…yet the item shop unexpectedly sells essential items like the hookshot, bow, ice rod, and boomerang. Mr. Aonuma also says that there’s a backstory behind the shop keeper that we should keep an eye out for later. This shot is still very puzzling and confusing to me. So if the item shops sells weapons that originally and traditionally are found in dungeons, what will the dungeons contain instead? Also, if I can get these weapons early on in the game, does that mean I can sequence-break and play dungeons out of order? If this is true on both accounts, then we’re going to see a very groundbreaking installment here. It feels like I’m seeing an expanded version of the original NES Zelda in terms of gameplay.

For Aonuma’s full post, click here.

4 thoughts on “Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Has a Shadow Triforce and…an Item Shop?”

  1. Sounds a heck of a lot like the original Zelda. Won’t if it will work as we think though, or if you’ll have to trade in various items from dungeons in order to acquire said weapons. It might be exactly like the original Zelda though, where you purchase certain goods at certain times, and the dungeons still reward other items. Either way this is quite interesting. Thanks for the info Ahmed :)

    1. I’m kind of surprised that this was left out of this Nintendo Direct. Posting it on Miiverse is still a good idea though.

      I have a feeling that A Link Between Worlds is a lot more than meets the eye after this bit of info.

    2. BTW just noticed another strange thing in the screenshot; the shopkeeper has bunny ears, so he/she and the shop are most likely in the Dark World. The identity of the shopkeeper is most likely a Hylian from the Light World…yet we only know of one guy who turned into a bunny when visiting the Dark World for the first time; Link himself. It should be very interesting to know who this guy actually is.

      1. It’s hard to tell by the screenshot alone, because the guy looks like he’s wearing a mask, look at his hands they appear skin-colored so not sure. Either way, I’m very happy that the Dark World, or Shadow World as many are referring to this one, is completely different than what we’ve experienced before. I’m very excited for this game!

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