Giana Sisters DS Review

Giana SistersGiana Sisters DS (Available exclusively on Nintendo DS)
ESRB Rating: E
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Platformer
Publisher: Destineer
Developer: Spellbound Interactive
Release Date: February 22nd, 2011

In 1987 a game called The Great Giana Sisters was released on the Commodore 64 in the UK. It’s mostly famous for being an obvious rip-off of the original Super Mario Bros. Giana Sisters DS is nothing like it’s predecessor. It’s a 100% original adventure released exclusively for the Nintendo DS. It also happens to be one of the very best games available on the dual-screened classic.

The Great:

Giana Sisters DS is simply magical. Everything about it is a love letter to retro platformer fans. The music is fantastic, simply listening to the intro make me want to play the game again. Every time you collect a diamond jewel, the sound emitted makes it feel special. It’s little touches like these that make the game so special.  The level design is equally awesome; you actually want to complete everything just to see what comes next. It’s a title that went under the radar, mainly because it had a very limited release through a select number of websites, but should absolutely be experienced by everyone.

Giana Sisters2The Good:

+ Controls are spot on whether you play it on the original DS, or with the joystick featured on the 3DS.

+ Perfect length. To get everything and complete every achievement, you need to invest at least seven hours.

+ Budget price. Originally released for the low price of only $14.99.

+ Classic Commodore 64 original is included as an unlockable bonus if you collect every red jewel.  How cool is that?

+ Speaking of red jewels, they’re a blast to gather. Some of them are cleverly hidden and will take all you’ve got to find. It doesn’t matter though, since the levels are such a joy to replay.

+ Power-ups that make great use of the touch screen.

Giana Sisters1The Bad:

– Drags a bit at the beginning. The fun really kicks in after the first world.

– Boss battles are repetitive, you fight the same out of shape dragon during the entire game.

Giana Sisters3The Lowdown:

Giana Sisters DS is the best platformer on the Nintendo DS. I cannot recommend it enough. Just make sure to stick with it and I promise you won’t regret it. The later levels are pure brilliance. A 3DS sequel would be a dream come true.

Final Score: 9.0/10

2 thoughts on “Giana Sisters DS Review”

  1. When I lived in the States for a year and a half, I got this game off of Newegg for a great price. Really enjoyed it from beginning to end. One complex maze-like level stands out in my mind, where I got all the red diamonds with just a few seconds on the clock. I really thought I was going to die on that one, but I kind of found the last diamond by accident.

    And the original Commodore 64 Giana Sisters was interesting, to say the least. I’ll stick with Super Mario Bros. :P

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