The Continued Adventures of Animal Crossing

Like most mornings I start my day with a nice cup of coffee with one of the local residents. I figure this is a good way of keeping up my mayoral duties. You need to stay one with the people after all, can’t let the power get to your head you know.

Coffee sitting

After my morning coffee I got changed and felt like doing a little fishing. You’ll notice I like to change my clothes often. The villagers seem to like it so I figure why not. So as I was fishing, my arch-nemesis, the mayor of Liz Ville put one of those nasty pitfall things in my way. Here’s what happened.

PitfallI’ll be sure to get my revenge one of these days! He continuously comes into my village and reeks havoc on the poor citizens. He steals my fruit, buries shells, and pitfalls. On top of that he sends derogatory letters to all the villagers. I have decided I shall make it my lifelong goal to do something to get him back for this horrendous act.

As I think of ways to pay him back in the days ahead, I decided to stop by and pose for one of the villagers. They seem to think I look cute posing with the cardboard cutout.

cutoutI’m not sure how I feel about this, but it was nice to see my villagers happy. Later that same evening I tried my hand at a little net fishing. I wasn’t very successful though.

Catch fish with netIt was at this time when I realized how I could get the evil mayor of Liz Town back. I’d do something so dastardly he’d never forget it! First I’d play nice with him, so we met up together and attended a concert.

ConcertNow my plan of action was taking shape. I waiting until the concert was over and he was fast asleep. It was time for revenge!

Sleep StevenPerhaps I had a bit too much to drink when we were at the concert as I went into the wrong bed! I quickly tried to escape, but he happened to roll over just as I was getting out. Thankfully he didn’t notice.

Sleep Steven ouchAfter coming to my sense I finally found my target!

Sleep LizJust look at that face. She was overjoyed to have a real man! Sadly the sadistic mayor of Liz City overheard the “noises” and came rushing over. I defended myself the only way I know how.

Epic battle with StevenIn the end I had my revenge, and stole his money while I was having my fun. He was none the wiser. As a result I walked away with one black eye, fulfillment, and a paid off mortgage. That’s what you call revenge!

Bully eye and payoff mortgage

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  1. I’ll never forgive you for that betrayal! Unfortunatly for you, I also have a big master plan of revenge for you. You shall regret sleeping with my girl damm you!

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