Gun Lord 3DS/Wii U Indiegogo Started! Let’s Help Bring this Awesome Game to the Masses!

I can understand if you don’t know who NG:DEV.TEAM are.  They’re actually two brothers that work endlessly to keep the Neo Geo alive and well.  While their games have been ported to the Dreamcast, that doesn’t exactly give the studio the greatest market.  So NG:DEV.TEAM are now officially licensed Nintendo developers, and are looking to crowd fund their first project, bringing Gun Lord to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.  In order to do that they’re looking for 40,000€.  That translates to around $53,000.  So what is Gun Lord you might ask.  It’s this…

Gun Lord is actually one of the first games I was looking to purchase for my new CMVS coming in.  Problem is that because it is an indie release, the guys had to charge an extremely high price to release the game on cartridge.  We’re talking $500 or so here, so being able to purchase it on the 3DS would be awesome. The game is a mix between Contra and Metroid and looks right up my alley.  If you think this looks cool, you can help fund the project at Indiegogo.

Gun Lord Poster

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