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When we first joined YouTube, on December 25th, 2007 we had very limited video content. After all it was difficult for all of us to capture our own footage as capture cards were still very primitive, or ultra expensive. We eventually started using game trailers and other media as video content for our reviews, but unfortunately we began getting flagged for copyright infringement. This led us to leave YouTube altogether. Eventually I picked up a basic SD capture card and started doing retro reviews of old SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast games. Before that I had experimented with off-screen capture techniques, but was displeased with how they turned out. Long story short, the Saturn and Dreamcast content was very well received by the YouTube community, so much so that for the past two years I have been inundated with requests to do more videos on retro consoles, specifically these two. The problem is that earlier this year I purchased an HD capture card, and really didn’t want to look back. Here are two videos I published years ago to show the quality of the SD capture card.

The videos do a fine job as they are. They get across what I’m talking about, but the colors are all washed out, grainy, and overall don’t look that great. My voice isn’t too hot either because this was before I bought a professional-grade microphone. This is why I haven’t returned to retro consoles because they require an investment. You need to order a bunch of special equipment from upscalers to cables and everything in-between in order to do these consoles justice. Sure I could have gone the easy route and said screw it, but I wanted to highlight what these machines were truly capable of. It didn’t help that when I moved I put all of these old consoles in storage, so right there digging them out is easier said than done.

Yesterday was the Dreamcast’s 14th anniversary of its North American launch, and I am super pleased to announce that after a two year hiatus, I will be returning to the retro scene in a very big way. If you watch our YouTube channel you know that I’ve been talking about the Neo Geo X lately and have been capturing HD footage directly from the hardware. While that console isn’t the ideal retro platform, as it’s an emulation box, the overall quality of the videos impressed me enough to push forward with my other endeavors. So all the specialty equipment I needed for the Dreamcast and Saturn has been ordered, and within the next two weeks I should be able to resume my retro content for the SEGA Dreamcast. Saturn content will follow once one more item is ordered, but I am working with a limited budget here, so please keep that in mind. On top of these two platforms I also have a Consolized MVS ordered, which should be arriving within the next month or so. That gives me three distinct retro platforms to create new videos for. I’ve also embarked on a new crusade…

While I really wanted this to arrive yesterday to coincide with the 14th anniversary of the North American launch of the Dreamcast, it wasn’t meant to be. One day later is fine by me though. What this is, is a brand new Dreamcast game released in April 2013. It’s actually a reworking of a 2009 Dreamcast game, but whatever. The point is that the Dreamcast is still very much alive and well, even years after its official demise. I hope this unboxing video and showcase proves how serious I am about pushing our retro content moving forward. This is only the beginning!

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  1. I’ll try my best to review jof, once I figure out what it is O_o

    All joking aside, what’s funny is that KoF ’99 came out on the Dreamcast in late 2000 and people were “shocked” that it was in 2D. Funny how times have changed no? Today we’re happy when we see 2D fighters, and 3D fighters, but back then it was almost a weakness to have a 2D fighter. It’s one of the reasons why Street Fighter III wasn’t as well received, that and it changed the formula up quite a bit.

    Anyways, I plan to review KoF ’99 when this bundle arrives Steven, and I’m actually really excited to cover Dreamcast and Saturn again as both platforms remain some of my favorite of all time so this should be lots, and lots of fun. Just hope I can make the videos entertaining and enjoyable to watch.

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