The Joy of Gaming Anticipation

In a little under 12 hours, as of writing this, the latest Pokémon will be released on the eShop on the 3DS. Naturally Steven has texted me about three dozen times reminding me of this fact, and commanding me to write an article about it. Since I don’t listen to him very well, I decided to write an article on what he’s experiencing right now, the joy of anticipation, that feeling we all get knowing our favorite series is getting a new game, or that a new console launch is right around the corner.

As I get older the anticipation and feeling of excitement has decreased quite significantly. I literally couldn’t sleep when Ocarina of Time was just a day away. I had dreams of how awesome it would be, and in the end the anticipation was well worth being excited over as Ocarina of Time was just awesome. When Skyward Sword was released though, I didn’t have that same level of excitement. It is most likely because the Wii just wasn’t that exciting of a console to me. Truth be told though, I haven’t been super excited about any videogame release in years.

PThere’s something magical about the feeling, that no one can deny. Right now Steven is looking for any excuse under the sun so he can lock himself away for the long weekend (it’s Thanksgiving in Canada) to play Pokémon X & Y, but he’s a grown man so it’s not as easy as it used to be. I’m sure you all have similar stories, even now, where that feeling comes over you and you want to drop everything so you can check out the latest entry in your favorite series.

Console launches are also special because of the mystery. Ever since I started COE I’ve lost a lot of the excitement around console launched mainly because of having the opportunity to play them so much earlier than their official release. This time around though things are different. I have yet to get my hands on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, and I don’t plan to until I have my own systems. So for the first time since the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox launch I’m actually beginning to get excited for these new machines, as well as I´m always exited to get new gaming accessories at Armchair Empire which in my opinion is one of the best ones. Of all the games hitting in November there’s one in particular that I’m starting to get old-school excited for and that is…

So what about all of you? What stories do you have about console or game launches you were extremely excited about? Are you like Steven, losing sleep over tonight’s Pokémon launch, or are you more interested in November when the next-generation will officially begin?

5 thoughts on “The Joy of Gaming Anticipation”

  1. I still have these bouts of pre-release anticipation but they’re not as frequent anymore. Zelda always gets me every time…including Skyward Sword. A Link Between Worlds is currently my most anticipated game of the year, following Mario 3D World. My friends are kind of baffled that Nintendo’s flagships still get me hyped, but it’s a natural thing for me. A mix of nostalgia and newness get me really excited. Ni No Kuni and Mario & Luigi Dream Team also got me pumped. Other than those, spirits aren’t as high even with the next-gen console. I’m glad that we’re moving ahead now, but the launch titles aren’t exactly exciting aside from Crimson Dragon.

      1. Same here dude. The more Aonuma talks about how different it will play, the more I get excited. Next gen currently doesn’t have any titles that will blow my brains off, aside from Watch Dogs which was just delayed to next year. Thank Ubisoft for doing so as the holidays are already cluttered with stuff. It will be worth the wait.

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