Jarrod Unboxes Something Awesome From TimeWalk Games

Jarrod unboxes something extremely special.

Tell me that’s not awesome.  If you’re interested in checking out TimeWalk Games, by all means check out their site: http://www.timewalkgames.com/

2 thoughts on “Jarrod Unboxes Something Awesome From TimeWalk Games”

  1. AWESOME! I’ve been wanting to play Clock Tower on SNES. 16 Bit Gems did an excellent review for that one last Halloween. I’m loving the box art too, it looks really well done.

    1. I can’t recommend TimeWalk Games enough. These guys are the real deal. They put so much effort into their products. They even have a SNES version of Rockman & Bass, which is awesome. I plan to pick up the DQ games from them next just to have them available to play the way they were meant to be played, on the SNES baby!

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