Nintendo Introduces Universal Nintendo Network ID, and Brings Miiverse to 3DS

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo finally confirmed that in a few short weeks 3DS owners will be prompted to update their system’s firmware. The update will bring two extremely important features to the platform. The first is the universal Nintendo Network ID, which will combine your Nintendo 3DS and Wii U accounts into one. This should make purchasing downloadable content much easier as you can simply allocate funds to your Nintendo Network account and not have to constantly manage two separate accounts. Sadly purchases made on the 3DS Virtual Console will not transfer over to your Wii U, which is a feature many had been hoping for. For clarification, imagine downloading the original Super Mario Bros. via the 3DS Virtual Console, many were hoping it would then transfer over to the Wii U if said game was already available on the Wii U’s Virtual Console, but alas no. Players will still be required to buy both versions.

The other big update is the inclusion of Miiverse for the 3DS. This is long overdue and should please long-time fans of the 3DS. As someone who adores Miiverse on the Wii U and PC, this is a welcome addition. Personally I had hoped it would be here by the time A Link Between Worlds arrived on November 22nd, but I can wait a few more weeks I suppose.

Are there any other features you were hoping would be added? How did you feel about the Nintendo Direct as a whole? Anyone else super excited for Super Mario 3D World after seeing the latest trailer/feature list?

5 thoughts on “Nintendo Introduces Universal Nintendo Network ID, and Brings Miiverse to 3DS”

  1. DOes this mean I can Sell the 3ds I have and redownload my purchases on another 3ds at a later date? Or or my purchases still locked in to that specific 3ds?

    1. I know but I don’t want to do that, because I’d rather only play Zelda on that system then put it on a mantle, the mantle of greatness! If it was account based I could go back and forth without issue.

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