2 thoughts on “Jarrod’s Inital PlayStation 4 Impressions”

  1. I can understand your frustration about PSN but it was to be expected @ launch. It took me 1 hour give or take of constante signing in until it work. Then everything was fine.

    When it comes down to games I believe you can always go grab one them & return or sell the ones you get from the company. Your lucky enough to get free games complaining about not having them yet althought inconveniante is not very professional (even if i understand your frustration).

    I currently like the new app lut things in my queue get home & golden. Interface neat as well. Played some CoD last night not connectivity issues. etc

    1. The complaint wasn’t really about the games, was more about the fact that not being able to log-in to play anything is a real downer. Did you watch the follow-up video?

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