4 thoughts on “Pokemon X and Y Wi-Fi Battle: How to deal with Kanghaskan!”

  1. That last hit should of killed you lol.

    I have to say though your team comp is OP because it’s well trained with the right moved & you know what you are doing. Both our Kangaskhans are probably not close stats wise.

    Second I’m working on using items soon lol. Just never sure which Mega to use but might stick with Gengar.

  2. Your Gengar is definitly your best Mega. Give him a setup move and he could swipe my team. Like I told you before, I would restart and raise another one if I was you with either Modest or Timid nature, and give him 252 speed/252 special attack and the rest in hp.

  3. I think my duggersby was sporting the assault vest at the time and that’s why he survived that focus blast. Again, it should have never went to that as a return from my mega pinsir one hit KO’s your Gengar full health everytime and for some reason, I went with the earthquake.

  4. Wow awesome battle guys! There is soo much to learn it seems about items and setups/comps. I might never be anywhere near as good as Steven or Stephane haha

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