Pokemon X and Y WiFi Battle: Gliscor Watch

The 4th battle against Stephane is the most epic yet. This is why I`ll always prefer 6 vs 6 matches to anything else.

Join us tomorrow at 4PM for another excellent Pokemon battle!

3 thoughts on “Pokemon X and Y WiFi Battle: Gliscor Watch”

  1. lol yeah some of that planning wasn’t smart. I didn’t do protect for the damage of toxic I did it because I though you would have attacked. If I would of been smart I should of just used earthquake and protect the second turn & let poison kill you.

    Also switching into my Aerodactyl was the worst mistake knowing it was my only pokemon that was faster then jolteon. I should of just let my Greninja die & do the best I could with Aerodactyl. I actually had the Speed scarf on him to make sure I out sped your jolteon incase you had the same because that’s the only way he out speeds my Aerodactyl.

    Great match now I need to find me some new pokemon to train

  2. Your Aerodactyl has Earthquake right? Although I recently read online that the stat boosts from mega-evolving only occur the second turn. So you might not be faster then Jolteon until you Mega Evolve. That would explain why my Mega Pinsir once outspeed your Mega Gengar.

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