2 thoughts on “Pokemon X and Y WiFi Battle: Introducing Elizabeth (Greatest Commentator of All Time!)”

  1. This was a game of wits. With all the good decisions that were made here I thought Steven was helping her out but it turns out he wasn’t. He should use her judgment calls a bit more during his battle :P

    I like the fact that you keep calling it a TV after saying you know it’s not a tv hahaha. I know what you mean about the changes haha
    That Dragonite change I was expecting a king’s shield which I thought I would have had a free switch & let me tell you that back fired.
    Jarrod if used effectively is actually a very good pokemon :P.

    Priceless commentating ever made rewatching this Epic loss worth while ( I thought I was going to die)

    I don’t think you should hang up the belt though :P

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