The Last of Us: Left Behind Review

Left BehindThe Last of Us: Left Behind (Available exclusively on PlayStation 3)
ESRB Rating: M
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Action
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Naughty Dog
Release Date: February 14th, 2014

Parent Talk: This is an M game if there ever was one.  You cut people’s throats open, crazed lunatics race after you looking for blood, and all other sorts of mature themes are present.  This isn’t a game for children, period.

Plays Like: While the core gameplay remains largely unchanged from The Last of Us, playing as Ellie feels different here.  She’s inexperienced, and virtually everything poses a major threat.  While not in combat Ellie and her friend explore a vast mall.

Review Basis: Sony sent us a review code, and I completed the story DLC within two hours.

One of the best, if not the best game from last generation returns with story-focused DLC that almost everyone needs to play.  Left Behind focuses on Ellie, and the events leading up to the beginning of The Last of Us.  The tale is split in two portions, one being the prologue, and the other when Ellie was protecting Joel when he was injured during The Last of Us.  This heartbreaking tale may be over within two or three hours, but it’s well worth embarking on because of just how incredible this universe is.  Do yourself a favor and read through my review of the full game to get a better understanding of the core gameplay mechanics (

LB1The Great:

Facing off against infected and normal humans at the same time was a breath of fresh air.  It dynamically changes the core combat you’re used to from the main game.  Now it’s possible to throw a bottle, make some noise, and then attract the infected to the humans who are trying to hunt you down.  Wait a few minutes, and watch as the two kill each other off.  Then you can go and finish off whoever’s left, or slowly help one side attack the other.  It’s fantastic fun, and I sort of wish more elements like this were in the original game.

LB3The Good:

+ The story between Ellie and Riley is amazing.  You really come to understand why Ellie acts the way she does at the beginning of The Last of Us.  Even though the story is only a few hours long, it’s pretty shocking.

+ The bulk of the DLC takes place within a mall, and nothing could be more normal than two girls hanging out at the mall, right?  I loved how Naughty Dog played on this simple idea, and yet this is set in a post-apocalyptic world, so it’s an entirely new experience for both Ellie and Riley.

+ Playing as Ellie is nothing new, but it’s interesting nonetheless.  The sense of danger is far greater because she doesn’t have all the skills that Joel learned throughout the years.  As such you really have to keep your distance and play smart.  Stealth kills are important because it’s very easy to get overrun by the infected.

LB2The So-So:

– I can’t help but say that $15 is a bit too expensive for this DLC.  Yes it’s incredible, but $15 is a lot of money for literally two hours.  I’m being generous too.  I finished the entire add-on in under two hours.

LB4The Lowdown:

Being able to play The Last of Us for even two more hours is a true joy.  It was one of the best games I’ve ever played, and this new prologue is spectacular.  Sure it’s over in a flash, but it tells a story that needed to be told.  You’ll look at Ellie in an entirely new way when you revisit The Last of Us at some point in the future, and that’s about the biggest compliment I can give this DLC.  Go download it right away.

Final Score: 9/10

3 thoughts on “The Last of Us: Left Behind Review”

  1. I took 3 hours to play through it. That’s probably due to the fact that I played on Hard and most likely for exploring the worlds instead of following Riley in a rush. There’s a bed on the floor I gotta explore this! People used to live here what happened???

    I really love the world Naughty Dog created here and like you said, even though it’s 15$, the fact that you can play in that world again makes it all worth it! It brought back so many memories from the original game too!

    Oh and having to fight humans and infected at the same time was definitely a welcome addition!

    1. I played on Normal, which is likely why I blasted through it. I explored all over the place too though. It’s such an incredible world, and while I don’t necessarily want a sequel, returning to this world was awesome.

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