6 thoughts on “Pokemon X And Y Online Beta Competition Live”

  1. I really enjoy your videos man, and I would love to battle LOL But I never play my game enough to get max level haha. I’m going to try and focus some but I’m very busy with my pups. Next week Kerrie Ann starts her Rally class, and then Rusty starts his K9 Nose Work a week after. Soo much to do and little time :(

  2. you actually don’t need to max level Timothy as long as they reach 50 & you gave them the skills you want them to have or unless some moves require a higher level too acquire, all you need is set your battle type to level 50 & it drops everyone’s Pokémon’s to level 50 stats.

  3. Me & Steven used to lvl to 100 but setting it up to lvl 50 max is actually better no need to spend too much time level up & it prevents ( I know for me anyways) us from getting bored of just grinding levels.

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