South Park: The Stick of Truth- Best Console RPG you’ll play this year?

Wow, last Tuesday, on the 5th of March to be precise, South Park: The Stick of Truth was released. For some reason, I completely forgot about this game. I remember it from last E3, but somehow confused it for Family Guy (Back to the Multiverse,) which has already been released. Jarrod started playing it, and when he told me about it, I went on a road-trip and bought the game immediately. I just completed it mere seconds ago, and I must say right off the bat, this one’s gonna end up as a high pick in my 2014 Game of the Year feature. It’s simply an incredible game and one totally deserving of your money.

I compare the experience to past classics like Knights of the Old Republic II and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year-Old Door. For starters, it’s made by Obsidian, the guys responsible for KOTOR II. You’ll find a similar equipment system with excellent customizable options. The fighting system itself is based more on the Paper Mario series, which is fantastic as its more action-based and doesn’t feel as tedious as some classic turn-based role-playing games. The biggest advantage of Stick of Truth is the game’s license. The humor is just unmatched and you’ll have plenty of laugh out loud moments during the 15 hour adventure. Be warned however that the game doesn’t care whether it might shock you or even offend you. It’s comedy is brutal and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I just wanted to write this quick little article to tell you all that if you’re worried that this is just another license-based game, don’t be. It’s an awesome videogame on its own, but also manages to capture the spirit of the show flawlessly. Jarrod should have a review up on Wednesday for those that still have doubts. Be on the lookout for it as it should prove highly entertaining!

3 thoughts on “South Park: The Stick of Truth- Best Console RPG you’ll play this year?”

  1. I had no idea this game would be as good as it is. I knew it looked good, but hot damn it’s fantastic. As of write now I have nothing negative to say whatsoever. This is a true gem. I love how they weren’t afraid to push boundaries. I can say with certainty that you’ve never played anything quite like this before.

    1. It’s got humorous bits, but for the most part I took it very serious because I feel the game deserves it. Hopefully you enjoy it. I’ll be working on the video review tonight after I finish the game.

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