A Look ahead at 2014’s Indie Releases

Over the past year I’ve personally reviewed DUX 1.5, Sturmwind, Redux: Dark Matters, and most recently Neo XYX.  What is it with the indie scene that I find so interesting?  Well for starters, I absolutely love how indie developers are free to do as they wish.  There’s absolutely nothing holding them back.  If they want to add vulgar language, or ‘mature-themed’ content they’re free to do so.  I just love that.  I also love how the indie scene harkens back to the old days when people used to make games in their basement, and they did this for fun, with no other reason necessary.  The same is true for most of the modern day indie developers.  Do keep in mind I’m only referring to console indie developers here, because on PC it’s a whole other ballgame.  Sure they want to make a little money at the same time, but for the most part is this a labor of love.

This year alone we shall see some truly excellent indie releases.  There’s Pier Solar HD from Watermelon Games, which will be released on Steam, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and Dreamcast.  That’s right, Dreamcast!  Take one guess which version I’ve already got pre-ordered.  That’s right, the Dreamcast version, and the reason is because there’s something magical about opening up a brand new game for a system that died back in 2001.  Pier Solar HD is a reworking of the indie SEGA Genesis RPG of the same name, minus the HD of course.

Pier Solar HD isn’t the only new release.  There’s also Knight’s Chance for the Neo Geo MVS, which we will have the world exclusive for.  That’s right, we’ll be unboxing and reviewing this game before anyone else in the entire planet!  Not only is that very exciting for the site, but also for me as a hardcore gamer.  It’s actually the very first gambling compilation game ever released on the platform.  There are card games, coin games, and more.  It looks extremely fun, and I just love the art style.

Nightmare Busters is a brand new Super NES game that began shipping out December 2013, but I should get mine sometime this year.  It’s an action platformer that is bright and colorful, and is the first brand new release for the Super NES since 1998!  Can you believe that!?!

Hucast will also be releasing the excellent looking shmup Ghost Blade for the Dreamcast later this year.  Hucast are the fine folks that released DUX and Redux.  As we’ve come to expect from all Hucast-published games, you can expect fantastic gameplay and some lush VGA-compatible graphics.

I’m sure there are more I’m forgetting, but these are all highlights to be sure.  I’m very excited to get my hands on all of these games in the coming months, and hope more get announced soon.  Rumor has it NG:Dev Team, the makers of Neo XYX are hard at work on their next Neo Geo MVS release, and believe me when I say, I’ll be there day one for sure!  Which of these games are you looking forward to, or which ones have I missed that I should add to the list?  Let me know!

7 thoughts on “A Look ahead at 2014’s Indie Releases”

    1. Nightmare Busters is $85 for anyone outside the US because of the extra shipping charges, and $78 for those within the US. It might seem pricey, but when’s the last time you bought yourself a brand new SNES game?

      1. No Jarrod just no! I would not pay $78 bucks for a SNES game lol Not in today’s gaming world that is. Even back then that would be a very tough buy in my book

        1. You need to understand the reasoning behind it. Where does one get the parts to make a new SNES game? Sure you can flash an old cart,but the process isn’t simple. Then there’s the custom boxes, instruction manuals, etc. It’s like the Neo Geo carts costing $300 and up. People don’t understand the logic behind it, these motherboards are printed fresh, brand new. Who does that anymore? No one, so it’s all custom work, which costs a small fortune.

          1. Pier Solar was about half that price. And it was really new, not a semi-official launch of a game that’s actually been around (in rom form) for some time.
            I like Super Fighter Team’s works, I loved Beggar Prince, but that’s indeed way too expensive.

    1. Yeah but that wasn’t new. Sure technically it’s new to us, but that was a fan translation, this is an entirely new game that was never released on the SNES before. That’s insane when you think of it.

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