Welcome the Analogue Nt

The fine folks at Analogue Interactive have just announced a brand new project to exist alongside their highly successful Analogue CMVS Slim.  The Analogue Nt is an NES, but unlike any you’ve ever seen before.  What makes this one so special is that it is apparently the only aftermarket NES that won’t use emulation in order to get carts to work.  The original motherboard has been completely reengineered in order to output the very best audio and visuals, including true RGB-out and stereo sound.

The system itself is being designed from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum, making it aesthetically unique.  The system will also support four-players simultaneously, although only a very few amount of games ever supported four-players.

The only other news we have at the moment is that the Analogue Nt will play Famicom and NES titles, although the promotional pictures also show Famicom Disk games so I’m not entirely sure if this unit will be compatible with the existing Famicom Disk System or if there’s more to this shiny box than the folks at Analogue Interactive are telling us.

Analogue NtPre-orders will begin towards the end of March, and I’m working on securing an interview with Chris, the main man behind Analogue Interactive.  In terms of my initial thoughts and impressions behind the concept I think a lot will come down to execution.  The standard NES was notorious for having pins bend on the main connection, having lackluster video and audio output options, but featured tons of phenomenal games.  If we can truly get pure RGB-out from the system with stereo sound, and the price is somewhat affordable then this could be a very interesting device to keep your eyes on.  Clearly this is going to be aimed at those that want the absolute best possible quality from their NES experience as there are countless other retro systems out there that play multiple games from the era, but the key difference here should be the overall quality.  I’ll be getting my hands on the system in the coming weeks/months (depending on when the initial batch ship) and will have a full report at that time.

What do you all think of this neat little box?

3 thoughts on “Welcome the Analogue Nt”

    1. Yeah man, like I said in the article I think this is for purest who want the best possible picture quality from NES games. The NES never natively outputted in RGB, so even the Wii U with its upscaled HD won’t be as sharp, although you’d be hard pressed to find many people who will actually care about that fact. The real question is, will there be a big market for this given how readily available NES games are in digital format. Much like you said, there’s the Wii, Wii U, and tons of emulators that can even fake RGB output. So unlike the CMVS, I see this product being much more limited. Sure the retro scene is huge these days, but NES games are crazy expensive to buy because the demand is to high. I’m really not sure how this product will fair in the market, but I appreciate someone trying to make the absolute best hardware on the market for those with a large number of NES carts. No more blowing required ;)

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