The Wii U is the Best Next-Gen Console Currently Available!

With a headline like that you’ve got to be curious how one can say something so insane, right?  Well Steven has some great points about why he feels the Wii U is an absolute must-buy right now, and why you shouldn’t be picking on it as much as you likely are.  Enjoy the video!

6 thoughts on “The Wii U is the Best Next-Gen Console Currently Available!”

  1. The Wii U is truly getting beaten to a pulp by the mainstream media and for no other reason than it’s the current “in thing” to pick on. Seriously there are tons of great games available on the platform. Zelda, the two Mario games, and DKCR are all great. I need to actually pick up DK because our review coverage of Wii U titles honestly sucks right now. Steven, you and I should really fix that!

  2. J’adore ma console WII-U ainsi que mes enfants. Ma WII-U est utilisé presqu’à tous les jours. J’aurais par contre souhaité plus de supports de la part de Nintendo autant du côté de la publicité que du côté des demos, afin de voir si tel ou tel jeux me convient. À part ça, le Gamepad est tout à fait génial.
    Super ton podcast Steven

  3. Merci beaucoup pour ton commentaire! Je crois que la plupart de jeux de Nintendo ont un demo sur la console mais je peux me tromper. La publicite n’est pas leur point fort malheureusement.

  4. 10 minutes?? you have a hard time to stay alive lol. Levels can vary but I don’t think they go as high as 10 minutes unless having a hard time going through it.

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