Pokemon Platinum Review

For some reason, best unlimited hosting has always been my black sheep of the franchise. I recently played through Pokémon Pearl a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised. You can go read my review on this site if you want, as Platinum is basically an update of Pearl/Diamond. Since this isn’t a new entry, this review won’t be as detailed as my usual Pokémon reviews but I thought it was worth it to write one as Platinum does a lot to fix the wrongs of Diamond and Pearl.

The Best

Improved storyline. I actually felt more involved and generally cared more for the Sinnoh in Platinum. The main villain Cyrus is actually a lot more interesting and the game seems to move more fluently. I honestly remember next to nothing about Diamond and Pearl’s plot, but had a genuine good time replaying through Platinum. If you google search the differences between Platinum and Diamond/Pearl, you’ll see that there’s actually quite a lot. In my opinion this is probably the main reason to invest into Platinum.

The Good

  • They fixed two of my biggest gripes with Diamond & Pearl. Surfing is now much faster and the hp bar goes down faster. Simple but appreciated fixes.
  • The distortion world. A puzzle gravity dungeon where you face off against Giratina at the end. Very entertaining.
  • The HM Defog is no longer essential for progress.
  • Last time in the series where the Elite 4 had a specific order. I miss this.
  • Cynthia. One of the best champions of the franchise.

The So-So

+/- Watch out for kock offs! This is probably one of the most pirated games out there. I’d say 75% of the copies on ebay are fakes so be careful.

The Bad

  • For some reason, gyms leaders are now back to full type exclusive teams. That was a feature I enjoyed the most out of Diamond & Pearl.

The Lowdown

Pokémon Platinum is well worth your time if Pokémon is a franchise you love. I for one finished it 17 quick hours in just a few settings as I could not stop playing. There’s easily 40 hours of content in here if you plan to do everything and complete the pokedex. It fixes most problems with Diamond & Pearl so you might want to pick it up if you ever want to revisit generation 4.

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