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Project COE is committed to providing gamers with accurate reviews of the industries’ most compelling software. And if current trends are any indication, enticing games are easy to find. While we are unable (at this point) to review all titles released on the market, every attempt is made to evaluate as many releases as possible.

In addition to US releases, import reviews set Project COE apart from the sea of other companies in our market. Even though the Western countries are filled with avid gamers of every description, many titles never make it outside of the Japanese islands. However, because importing is on the rise, we are devoted to providing diverse coverage of gaming titles across all platforms (and from different countries).

Coupling with our reviews are our original special features and our COE editorials. These items all help to create a diverse gaming environment. We are striving to provide cutting edge information regarding many facets of this industry. But our difference is that we provide this vast amount of information from a hardcore gamer’s perspective. Don’t expect a mild afternoon drive. For this trip, you better strap yourself in tight.

As the title of this page suggests, our wordpress blog is a template for our site’s third revamp. We are currently working on a new layout that’ll blow you away. Additionally, we’ve made it a mission to involve you, the readers, in our future. Look forward to more details soon.

4 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Hi guys,

    I found your site a month or two ago. I genuinely liked what you guys are doing. I merely bookmarked and went on, but what I really had been wanting to do is invite you guys to join us. However, I noticed you were working on a new site that was ‘imminent’, so I thought better of it.

    Revisiting your site, I noticed that it’s still the old version. I figured I’d give it a try afterall. :)

    First, a bit about Hooked Gamers: The site is read by thousands of gamers every day. They come to view content created/added/managed by a team of currently 29 volunteers from all over the world. We’ve recently re-launched the site with a new design, better structure and a new CMS that allows us to add new types of content easily. We’d like to grow our team to about 50 people, but blogging and writing is invite only. We’re picky about who we let in. :)

    I like your style. Pretty much all of your blogs would fit perfectly with what we have in mind for Hooked Gamers and we’d love to have you on our team.

    Would you be interested in joining? Let me know.



  2. Hey, Surgio. Thanks for dropping a line. Glad you’re enjoying what we’re doing here.

    First off, what you have going on there with Hooked Gamers is great, dude (assuming that the address is hookedgamers.com). I browsed around…it looks clean, colorful, user-friendly, and very active. It’s nice to know that you guys started around 2003 and are still active until today. We began around that time as well. As you may know, it’s really hard to maintain media sites especially with giants like 1UP, GameSpot, and IGN around. But everybody has to start somewhere.

    With that being said, I think I speak for my team when I say that we’ll have to kindly reject your offer. Don’t get me wrong, we’re honored and all…but we already established ourselves as an identity through all these years. We have reps from various game companies in contact with us in order to review their games. We have readers and viewers even though it doesn’t seem that evident due to lack of replies in this blog. By joining you, we’re going to throw all this away and all these years of build-up will be for naught. I’m sure you understand.

    Yeah, “imminent” wasn’t exactly the right word to describe our progress with our CMS. It’s going slowly but surely. Everything is starting to fall in place. I think it’s good that you brought this up…we’ll need to update people on our status so that they don’t get scared off. We’ve been doing so through our podcasts, but a post will be better, I believe.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and good luck in future endeavors. Expect some members of my team to chime in soon.

  3. Love this site :)… do you guys make reviews on most game or just certain games in particular?

  4. We review whatever comes our way, or whatever you guys ask for. If you want something reviewed, just let us know ;)

    Thanks for the nice comment :)

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