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We Now Have A SuperGun!

The last few days have been quite interesting.  Not only has our SuperGun arrived from Jamma-Nation-X, but I’ve been playing a whole bunch of arcade games in-between Kinect Sports Rivals.  It’s really weird going from a 1080p Xbox One game, all the way back to a 240p arcade classic like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Below you’ll find two videos I did for the SuperGun.  The first is an unboxing, and the second is a overview and test of the system.  Sit back and enjoy the very beginning of our arcade coverage.

Exciting times ahead!

A Look at Jarrod’s Arcade Systems

If you’re curious, here’s the follow-up video I promised in my previous article about all the different arcade systems I’ve been purchasing in anticipation of the arrival of my new SuperGun.  I’ll be able to offer some truly unique content in the coming weeks, so I hope you all enjoy.