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Citizens of Earth Preview

Eden Industries recently started a Kickstarter for a brand new RPG for the PC that shares a lot in common with the legendary Earthbound on the Super NES. Their funding goal is $100,00 Canadian, and as of writing this they have garnered around 10% of that total, with 26 days left in the campaign. The developer is made up of several people involved with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, and seems to have a clear vision for where they want to take this game. One of the team contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in covering the title, and since I love all things Earthbound, I figured why the heck not.

The game begins with players taking on the role of the Vice Presents of the World. Right there that should give you an idea of just how wacky the sense of humor is in this game. 24 hours after being elected the new VP, you decide it’s time for a vacation and head back to your old home, where your mother and brother live. From there the adventure begins.

The funniest part is that you don’t actually do any of the fighting yourself. Like a true politician you get everyone else to do the work for you. That’s where Citizens of Earth really shines, in its recruitment system. Virtually every new character you meet can be recruited into your party, each having their own unique power set. Meet a baker, they’ll be your go-to for fire attacks, while the conspiracy guy is perfect for dealing high damage to mechanical creatures. Each character will require the completion of a side-quest before they’ll join you. Sometimes it’s locating a certain item or items, while others require you to defeat a certain enemy.


Gameplay is broken down into your typical 16-bit era RPG formula. You do a lot of exploring around the local town before venturing off into the forest, fighting countless creatures along the way. The story has you originally trying to figure out why there are so many protesters in town, and then why everyone in the coffee shop is so out of it because of the new Special Blend. From there things escalate to the outrageous.

The game shares a lot in common with Earthbound, from the contemporary setting to the combat engine. Whenever you see enemies walking around, which is all the time as there are no random encounters, you have the ability to shout “Go!” and send up to three party members rushing towards the enemy. If they hit the enemy’s back, they’re given a power boost, but if the enemy strikes them first they lose a power boost. Power boosts work sort of like MP in other RPGs. Each character can store up to three power boosts, with some attacks consuming them, while others build them. This means you can’t just walk into a fight and go crazy, you actually have to plan your attacks accordingly and make sure you have enough power boosts in reserve for when needed.

CoE1Another feature carried over from Earthbound that I love is the auto-fight mechanic. If you send your group to attack an enemy and they’re a few levels higher, the fight will automatically end with you gaining the experience. Experience is handled much like the old-school RPGs of yesterday, whereby points are automatically allocated to your attributes.

While not available in the playable demo, additional party members are able to be stored in the town’s school so they can earn experience while they’re not in use. If you keep all your characters on you, you’ll have to switch them up in order to level them all out. That might sound bothersome, but we have no clue how the school system will work. Perhaps you’ll be able to transport members on the fly.

CoE4The demo, which is available from the game’s Kickstarter page takes about two to three hours to complete, and offers a nice tease of what the developer hopes to achieve with sufficient funding. After having played through the demo myself, there’s a lot of potential here. Eden Industries promises dozens of party members, a truly robust combat system, and a great storyline. I’m already convinced this is a game that deserves to be funded if nothing else because of the hilarious narrative. I’d really love to see the funding get pushed to $160,000 so a Wii U version could be made, but right now I’d be happy just to see the game released. If you’re looking for an old-school RPG that has many modern elements like detailed and creative graphics, a kick-ass soundtrack, and fun combat system, be sure to check out Citizens of Earth!

Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost Video Preview

Looking for an old-school Dragon Quest game unlike any you’ve played before?  Well, this is the game for you.  It’s called Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost, and is a fan-made DQ game that features top tier production values.  These guys went all out.  The person primarily responsible for this game goes by the handle Orias_Obderhode, and I’ve got to admit, as a huge DQ fan I’m extremely impressed.  Take a look at the latest video I posted which talks a bit about the game.

Pretty remarkable wouldn’t you say?  If you want to try the game out for yourself, give it a download at  It costs nothing, and is only about 250MB large.  It can run on virtually any PC out there so once again, I really encourage all of you reading this to give it a spin.

Cyberpunk 2077 — A taste of next gen

Here’s a first look at an upcoming next-gen RPG from the creators of The Witcher and The Witcher 2.  While the developer, CD Projekt RED, has offered virtually no information on their forthcoming game, we do know that it will tie into the Cyberpunk universe.  

This is literally all we have to go on right now.  Sure this is a target render, and we have absolutely no clue what the end result will look like, but I’m very excited.  What do you all think?  Before closing out, here’s a link to the Official Cyberpunk Website for those that want to keep tabs on the game moving forward.

A New Mega Man Game?!

CAPCOM has not enjoyed the best relationship with its fanbase for the last year or so, especially with the Mega Man faithful. Following the cancellation of Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3, fans are feeling particularly sour. Some people look for any reason to be upset, whether it’s the inclusion of hilarious Bad Box Art Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken (which is so radical I’d buy the game just for him), the lack of Mega Man in Ultimate Marvel vs. CAPCOM 3 (the way he was butchered in Marvel vs. CAPCOM 1 and 2 makes me grateful he wasn’t in, to be honest), and the frankly lazy iOS port of Mega Man X. But some fans will be very justified in their dissatisfaction with CAPCOM’s latest announcement, Rockman Xover (pronounced “cross over”).

The concept made me excited beyond words at first. According to the translated description posted on sites like The Mega Man Network, the story goes: “It’s a world where all the worlds of Rockman have crossed over. The gulf of space-time has been closed thanks to the efforts of Dr. Wily, Sigma and other villains to Rockman and co.! Dr Light and Dr. Cossack work together in creating a new robot to oppose this crisis. A production model, this robot uses “battle memory” that has been scattered over the world, and possesses infinite potential to transform and increase his power. The player battles evil as this new type robot. Create your own Rockman, and battle with others to protect peace!”

A crossover game putting together every series in the Mega Man franchise? That sounds amazing! I would’ve loved to see all of the Mega Man characters team up to take down villains from the franchise. The description, however, leads me to believe that it isn’t really “all” of the games, but rather the classic and X series respectively, given the inclusion of Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack, as well as Sigma. What could possibly be so bad about this? Well, it’s a Social RPG for iOS. I can’t say I’m too excited for the idea. Actual game mechanic details are slim at this point, so it’s probably too early to make a judgment call, but I just can’t shake this feeling of disappointment. Some fans are obviously taking this too far, claiming that CAPCOM intends to kill the franchise intentionally–which is just silly and misguided. Hopefully more games will be announced as part of the 25th anniversary and this is just a taste of things to come, and for what it’s worth, this may end up being a fun and addictive little diversion.



As a quick disclaimer about compatibility,  it will run on iPhone 3GS/4/4S, and iPod Touch models beyond generation 3. It is playable on iPad, but the game is not designed for the iPad’s resolution. The game is currently set for release in Japan this Fall. CAPCOM has already confirmed that this will be released in the US and European markets. Thanks to for posting the original story.


NHL 13 NEW Features Webcast Replay- Community Day

During EA’s NHL Webcast, the team working on NHL 13  revealed a bunch of new features and a sneak peak of the game. I’m looking forward to the True Performance Skating myself, and the new elements it will bring to the game.

True Performance Skating: Driven by real-world physics and more than 1,000 new gameplay animations, NHL 13 authentically replicates the explosiveness, momentum, and top-end speed of NHL players. Adding a whole new layer of creativity

for players to discover on the ice combined with control offered by the Skill Stick finally gives gamers access to the entire toolset of an NHL player.

What does everyone think of the new gameplay additions to NHL 13? Make sure you watch the video, and then post your comments below. Which new feature do you like best, and will you be buying the game on Sept 11th, 2012 once NHL 13 is released?

Project COE will bring more on NHL 13 in the near future. Please check the official website for all the new features in the game.


Nintendo 3DS – Square Enix: Heroes of Ruin Preview

With Diablo III now out for gamers to enjoy, the action RPG dungeon crawler titles are pretty big right now, and the 3DS might have an awesome gem in the works from Square Enix and developer n-Space. Their current project is Heroes of Ruin, and I must admit I’m very impressed with the preview videos I’ve seen so far!

Exclusively built for Nintendo’s 3D handheld system, the game will feature local and online multiplayer up to 4 players. Good stuff right? Well let’s check out those excellent preview movies I was talking about.

Gameplay Trailer:


Multiplayer Walkthrough from IGN:


I might be glued to my 3DS if the game delivers on gameplay, fun and other key features. Right now it’s looking like Heroes of Ruin will do just that! The release date is coming up fast, and should be in stores on July 17th, 2012.

The game will support voice chat options, which will be very important when you play online with friends. Also, there’s a very unique feature whereby new daily challenges can be downloaded to your handheld using the SpotPass system.  I’m really looking forward to that myself.  I’ll post more information on Heroes of Ruin as soon as new info is available. In the mean time, you can check out the official website for up to the minute info on this very promising title!

Please let me know what you think about Heroes of Ruin.

Pokémon Black & White 2 Stunning New Anime Trailer!

*Thanks to ign for the trailer

Pokémon Black & White 2 keeps surprising me everyday. It started with being the first ever direct sequel to a previous entry, and now this trailer just turned up today and my mind exploded. What can we get from this new video? First off, it seems like an even greater emphasis will be placed on the story. The original Black & White is well known for being the most story-driven game in the franchise. Although Pokémon won’t win an Oscar just yet, it’s interesting to note the shift in the series. More importantly, are those anime scenes actually taken from the game itself? It sure seems like it, as it’s not in the company’s tradition to spend such hard work on a teaser alone.

One thing I’m not a big fan of is that everybody seems to keep their Pokémon out of their Pokéballs now. In the trailer, you see people battling with Pokémon in actual fights, instead of traditional Pokémon battles. Really not a big fan of that, but maybe it’s played out well and I’ll end up liking the new direction. Also noteworthy is the return of N! He now wears a mysterious neckless which will probably play a big role in the plot. My guess is it has something to do with finding or controlling one of the two different legendaries. Anyway, what do you guys all think of this new trailer?

New Video – Diablo III: Wrath

Diablo III is just a few days away, but fans of the series should get themselves ready for the new story by watching this awesome video!

The video description says it all.

Long before the creation of Sanctuary, the Eternal Conflict between angels and demons raged on for untold millennia. Blizzard Entertainment teamed up with renowned director Peter Chung and acclaimed animation studio Titmouse to create this unique vision of a fundamental moment in the battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells.

Tell me you’re not excited for this game?


First Impressions of Minecraft for the Xbox 360

I was sitting on the couch with my girlfriend a few days ago about to try out the new Minecraft for the Xbox 360.  We wanted to check out the game a bit before calling it a night. Both Apryle and I have played a lot of the original Minecraft on the PC, more her than I, so she’s familiar with all the latest additions.  Personally I haven’t played it almost a year. I was about to show her the game when I realized she could actually play alongside me as this version supports up to 4-player split-screen. Our brief session ended up lasting for 2 hours. The same thing happened last night too. Minecraft was already an addicting game to begin with. The premise, simply dropping you into a world and letting you build stuff and do whatever you want, is unique and charming. Being able to now experience all this with friends is simply awesome.

I adored Minecraft on the PC. My only gripe with it was that it was a bit complicated to play with friends. You had to open up a private server and invite people to join it. However, if you wanted to continue playing in that world alone when you friend was at work or away, he would have to leave his computer on all day and make sure the server was on if he was hosting. Plus, with constant lag and bugs, the experience could sometimes get a bit frustrating. Of course, the game was still in beta at that time so some of these problems have most likely been fixed. What makes this edition so exciting is the tremendous potential Xbox Live can give it. Inviting friends in your game now takes three seconds, as does joining a game. With the inclusion of party chat, Minecraft should become more user friendly. Sure, all of this is already possible on the PC version, but a unified service like Xbox Live makes all of this so much simpler and easier to execute. The addition of split-screen is just icing on the cake, but man is it ever delicious icing.

In order to run the game with up to eight different players with no lag, the Xbox 360 version has unfortunately one big letdown. The game is nowhere near as huge as the PC version, which is eight times the size of the Earth. The Xbox version is only 1,000 by 1,000 blocks. That’s still pretty huge, but something that Apryle was pretty disappointed in. I imagine some hardcore Minecraft fans will feel the same. Besides that, this version is not the latest one, meaning it has a few omissions like food stamina and some of the newer animals (octopus, etc.). However, the game does promise many updates so it wouldn’t surprise me to see these added in the coming months.

Finally there’s one added feature that’s really useful. Instead of having to manually craft all the items, you can simply click on let’s say a sword and if you have the necessary ingredients, the game will make one for you. The downside with this is that you lose the charm of discovering new items by experimenting with the workbench. Still, this saves you so much time that at the end of the day, I think veterans will appreciate it. No longer do you need a wiki page beside you to figure out all the different recipes.

Right now, colour me impressed with the XBLA version. Split-screen will undoubtedly breath new life into Minecraft. It’s just so much more fun to play with friends and this will also make it easier to introduce new players to the game and show them the ropes. Xbox Live makes this all a unified experience. Expect a full review in the coming days as I delve deeper into the game. For now, this is one game you should be on the lookout for.

Nintendo 3DS: New Super Mario Bros. 2

Do I need to say anything more?!?! No I don’t think so, but Nintendo 3DS owners will be very happy to know Mario is not done with the system just yet! In August 2012, New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released in it’s 2D platforming goodness folks.

Here’s a look at the very first screenshots released for the game.

E3 2011 – Uncharted: Golden Abyss Preview

This is the reason you will buy a NGP/PS Vita/PSP2.  You don’t need to read about any other games.  In fact, if you just look at the screenshots and the video included in this preview, you should be convinced.  Yes, it’s looking that good.  If for some reason you want more information, I’ve got you covered.

Let’s begin with the game’s developer, Sony Bend.  You might remember them as my favorite first-party developer from the PSP’s heyday.  These were the guys behind the two Syphon Filter games and Resistance: Retribution.  That means they know Sony’s portable hardware like no ones business.  It also means Sony has realized their full potential and has challenged them with creating the one-stop showpiece for the PS Vita (are we calling it that now?)  From what we’ve seen thus far, the developer will not disappoint.

What you can expect right from the beginning is a true Uncharted experience.  Sony Bend made sure to use the same motion capture studio as Naughty Dog.  Nolan North returns to voice Drake, and as you can tell from the screenshots, they nailed the atmosphere.  Gameplay is also pretty much what you’d expect.  There are platforming elements, lots of action and a deep storyline.  In fact Sony Bend says there are over two hours of in-game cutscenes used to flesh out the story.  That is about the same as what the previous two Uncharted games featured.  In terms of where Golden Abyss falls in the canon, it takes place before Drake’s Fortune.

If you’re kind of nervous about another developer taking over the reigns don’t be.  The creative director at Naughty Dog is helping Sony Bend create a game that feels like a natural extension of the others.  The standalone story won’t feature the same cast of characters as the previous titles, but that’s actually a good thing because it allows players to experience an entirely new experience.  You remember Resistance: Retribution don’t you?

The advanced technology in the PS Vita/NGP allows the game to make use of dynamic lighting, 250K character-polygons, real-time lighting and environments that look better than anything we’ve ever seen on the PSP, PS1 and PS2.  Sure it doesn’t quite make it up to par with the PS3, but honestly, it’s extremely close.  Hands-down this is the nicest looking portable videogame I have ever seen, and by far the most complex.  Animations are tight and fluid and the small touches make you come to understand why Sony wanted to make a dedicated videogame portable instead of just another device that can do it all.

The PS Vita/NGP features several different input controls.  There’s the traditional buttons, but there’s also the touch screen, a sixaxis gyroscope, and a trackpad on the rear of the device.  Some of these input methods are being used creatively while others are more of a gimmick than anything else.  For example, using the back trackpad to climb up a rope by flicking your index finger one over the other.  Is that really necessary instead of just pressing upwards on the analog?  One that works well is if you see a weapon in the background, just touch it and Drake will go and pick it up.  Want to peer over an edge of a cliff, just tilt the NGP.  If you need to throw a grenade from cover, you can tap where you want it to go.  I’m glad to report that if these advanced controls aren’t your cup of tea, you can turn them off.  That should please a lot of the more traditional players out there, or those that simply don’t find these controls that comfortable.

Golden Abyss still has a few more kinks that need to be ironed out before launch, like the weight of the guns and touch-input delays, but Sony Bend is aware of the issues.  They’re also one of the best internal studios Sony has and I’m positive what little is wrong with the game will be cleared up before launch.  Keep in mind there’s over a half a year before this device launches, if not more.

I wasn’t sure about the PS Vita/NGP or whatever it finally ends up being called, but after seeing so much of Uncharted: Golden Abyss I’m convinced.  I adore this series and now that I know this is a brand new stand-alone game I simply cannot miss out.  If you’re a fan of the series neither can you.  Once E3 officially kicks off next week we’ll let you know exactly when you can expect to get your hands on Drake’s next masterpiece.

Starhawk Preview

For all those out there who loved 2007’s Warhawk, we’ve got some great news for you this morning, the rumors were indeed true, Starhawk is coming your way in 2012 exclusively on the PlayStation 3.  The new game is described as bigger and better than Warhawk in every way possible, not the least of which is thanks to a robust and deep single player offering.  Get this, it even has a story.  Can you believe that?

The biggest new addition is something called “Build and Battle” and it is this feature that has delayed the game’s announcement for literally years.  The developers at LightBox had this idea of adding RTS elements into the game, but they sort of lost track of what the series was all about.  By going back to the intense action and fast paced vehicle switching, they were able to create something truly special around this new feature.

So what is this new feature all about, well it’s something you would expect to find in any real-time strategy game, namely, the ability to call in new equipment as you need it.  Do you require a fortified position around your current location, no problem, just bring up the new in-game menu and select a walled protection grid.  Obviously you can’t just call in back-up support vehicles like tanks and new ships without having the necessary points, which are earned from getting kills, etc.  Imagine how strategic you can be in the online multiplayer mode, with everyone trying to build their massive fleet before their opponent.  Not only can you call in support vehicles, create protection fields, but you can also call in specialized weapons as well.  If you work better as a team, you could become unstoppable.

The story seems to be about something called rift energy, it’s what all the various planets in the sector are fighting for.  Think of it like space oil as LightBox describes it.  The protagonist of the single player campaign is a man named Emmett Graves (the one featured in the screenshots) who just so happens to collect and sell rift energy for a living.  Everyone hates this guy because he’s so good at what he does.  It doesn’t help that he’ll stop at nothing to get his hands on the rift energy either, including taking out entire planets if he has to.

The single-player missions feature everything from ground assaults to aerial combat and even mechs.  This game sounds like it has something to offer for just about every action fan out there.  The action doesn’t stop there either, because of the inclusion of a story there will be a natural progression from an early training mission to more advanced areas where you will have to master the Build and Battle system if you have any hope of surviving the onslaught.  LightBox made it very clear that strategy will be a very big part of the single player campaign, but that at its heart Starhawk was created as a shooter.

Have you also noticed the significant boost in the graphics?  LightBox says they’ve spent a tremendous amount of time improving the game engine used in Warhawk to the point the one they’re using now is virtually brand new.  The characters also animate far better than anything seen in Warhawk.  The end result is a game that run better, supports more players and features, and should provide much more immersive experience to players all over the world.

Multiplayer games play out similar to what you remember from Warhawk except with a whole bunch of strategy thrown into the mix.  For example, when you respawn you can select where your capsule will drop.  A good strategy is to drop right on top of an enemy, giving you a perfect kill right off the bat.  Once on the battlefield your first job is to secure your position and make use of teamwork to ensure you use the “Build and Battle” system to your advantage.  Why not fortify your position and then build an armada to take on your opponent all together?  Be careful though as your enemy may use smaller teams with individual tactics to take you out before you have time to build everything you need.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?  I sure think so.

If you’re interested in features, LightBox has you covered.  Starhawk will include support for clans, tournaments, calendar support, and even a connected Android app.  How cool is that?  None of these features could be discussed in any great detail what with the PlayStation Network being offline right now, but the promise of these features actually being part of the game is quite exciting.  I say that only because when Warhawk was originally announced it too featured a robust single-player offering that was eventually cut from the game.  LightBox said that thanks to the sheer success of Warhawk they’ve been able to secure financing for the follow-up and none of these features will be cut.  If anything, more features will be added before the game’s 2012 release.  I expect we’ll be hearing more of this bad boy in another few weeks.

For all those out there curious by the timing of this announcement, it’s because with E3 right around the corner Sony felt like now was a good time to get people excited about just how big of a show they have in store for us at E3.  Starhawk is described as being the beginning of a truly killer line-up of software for the PlayStation 3.  I don’t know about you, but all of this sure sounds exciting to me.

Epic Thoughts of Randomness: The Revenge!

Hi there faithful readers! Steven here with some useless updates you’ve all been dying for! I have quite a few articles planned for the next few days [Editor’s note: about bloody time!], weeks or months, whatever comes first. Thought I’d let you know what’s going on, and what has been catching my attention lately since Jarrod’s back into his two-sentence news report mood, and everyone else seems to have fled the planet!  Anyhow, here’s what I have in store for you guys (lucky bastards!). (Note to the editor, feel free to edit the shit out of my articles so they’re actually readable)[With language like that, it shouldn’t be a problem].

Since there’s been tons of Superman news lately, what with all the talk about the movie and whatnot, I figured it would be a good idea to bring back the fan-favourite Comic Book Reviews. A new episode should actually hit the site later today or tomorrow for the three of you curious cats out there. I plan to do weekly runs this month totally devoted to the Man of Tomorrow! [I’ve always wondered, how can he be the Man of Tomorrow when tomorrow never comes?  Wouldn’t that just make him the Man of Today?]

I recently played through 2010’s sleeper hit Enslaved, and have a few thoughts I’d like to share.  [Apparently just not about the actual game] I actually have plenty to say about that game, as well as the state of gaming in general that I will relate too in another article. I’ve been meaning to discuss achievements/trophies for a while now.  [Due to laziness…] Everyone knows how addicted I’ve become to those over the years, but now I’m starting to think they’re more of a curse than anything. Look forward to that. [We will!] Also, I really miss the ol’ days of gaming, where beating a game was actually an accomplishment. The last game I bought that I knew I probably wouldn’t be able to complete was Ninja Gaiden Black. Nowadays, videogames are mostly pushovers; I’ll talk about the pro’s and con’s and much more. With Team Ninja recently announcing that the next Ninja Gaiden would be more user friendly, the future isn’t looking bright for hardcore gamers looking for a single-player challenge.

Lastly, ProjectCOE sucks! Where’s all the Minecraft love? [Mal and I had a good conversation you completely ignored damn you!] I don’t recall one single mention of the game anywhere besides the comments section. Have we all been living under a rock? Seriously, I’ve only just discovered this gem a few weeks ago. Still, I never game on my PC. Never! So, I should be the last person in the world to be enjoying a game like this, but I am….. more than anything. That simple fact alone should make you consider trying this game out. It might not look like much, but if you’ve ever liked sim games like Animal Crossing or The Sims (or Roller Coaster Tycoon, the list goes on) you’ll love this! Did you ever mess around with Lego blocks when you were a kid? If so, this game is for you. It’s only $15 for the beta, which includes the full game once it’s released. Honestly it’s a steal. I don’t know if there’s an audience for this kind of game here, but expect some articles in the future. I’d like to take you all on a virtual tour of the “village” Mal [Marcus, remember him?  He wrote a stunning one article I believe.  Yes my friends, the man has talent!  Jokes aside, pressure him to write something else] and I created.  It could prove quite entertaining although I lack the proper equipment to produce such videos. [It’s a PC game, you don’t need ‘equipment’ to record video] Minecraft is a definitive contender for GOTY when the full game sees the light of day. With that said, Steven out. [Best article evar!]

Behind the Scenes of Ace Combat Assault Horizon!

Just as I predicted in my launch trailer analysis post, game director and producer Kazutoki Kono confirmed the notion of this installment being a reboot of the franchise instead of a sequel, specifically addressing us not to call it “Ace Combat 7“. What does that mean for Ace Combat fans? Again, this is no longer a pure combat plane simulator, it’s more of a 3rd person action/shooter…but you’re controlling jets instead of humans. Thanks to the dynamic breakthrough of a new “close-up camera” system presented in the trailer, you always feel engaged in the action even if you’re assaulting enemies from far-off. Excellent stuff. I’m so excited to finally delve into the franchise now that it’s not purely a simulator. Used to suck at playing Ace Combat. Will this alienate die-hard fans though? I’m optimistic. Glad that the team is trying out something new for once. They’ve sort of experimented with that Wii-exclusive title released a year back (it’s name currently eludes me). The trailer alone shows that they have a lot of talent in the action category. They’ve always been good storytellers so everything is going to fit well here.

What say you, Ace Combat fans? Excited for some fresh new gameplay or yearning for more of the same?