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RAQ (Rarely Asked Questions) — Updated October 9th, 2010

Are you dead?
You’re reading this, so apparently not.

Where have you been?
What are you talking about? We’ve been here all along!

How come you haven’t been updating then?
We’ve been updating our main site (which is now an archive) on a weekly basis, but nobody seems to notice since most of the main page looks dead anyway. The only section that has been getting updates is, ironically, the “updates sidebar”…mostly containing reviews, previews, and podcasts. Since our site is hard-coded, it’s sort of hard to adjust things. We’re supposed to put the “upload date” next to each article, but for some reason that slipped our minds (duuuh!). Nobody’s free to make banners thus why our “scrolling banner section” looks dead. The “news” and “release dates” sections are also pretty much fried and too tedious to update.

What’s with this blog?
We’ve been using WordPress for quite sometime, actually. Ever since E3 2009. Our last news update contained a barely-viewable link to our WordPress-hosted blog. The big difference right now is–in case you’re too dense to notice–we are hosting this blog through our own servers.

Is this Project COE 3.0? Where’s the new site at?
No, it is not. Think of it as “Project COE 2.5”, a transition to the future. Some of you may have read my 3.0 progress posts in our blog…we’re having a hard time getting the site done to be honest. Companies don’t take us seriously because we’re not big…so they keep us on hold for weeks and months…never replying to our inquiries. Our webmaster and programmer, JJ, thankfully had free time to upload WordPress onto our server. He’ll be working on our true site in his free time as well. Sadly, he’s only one person so it’s going to take awhile until we have something basic online.

How long?
TBA 2010-2011

Will Project COE 3.0 contain everything we promised of at launch day?
No. The various delays with private companies taught us one thing; start small. We’re not afraid to admit that we’re still small and niche…and everybody has to start somewhere. The work flows faster if we complete our vision in chunks. Our biggest priorities at launch are ease of use, clean look, basic CMS functions, and basic user interaction (comments, forums). We’ll lay out the rest of our ideas eventually.

What’s going to happen with our current main site (Project COE 2.0)?
It’ll stay asleep with the fishes for now. We’re going to shift our focus on this blog. COE 2.0 currently serves an “archive” for those who are interested in checking out our old work. Hover above “archives” in our dashboard if you’re curious. Be prepared for some major HTML-based layouts and a few inconsistencies…so consult your doctor before clicking if you have a history of seizures. It served us well for this long though…and to my knowledge none of us have lost any brain cells with 2.0 (except for Tim Magana).

We’re trying to get Eddy (our designer) to modify the look of the main pages and remove all dead/useless sections…but since he’s busy with a thing called “life”, don’t count on anything happening in the near future. We suggest you don’t get a life so you can help us!

What does COE even stand for?
Council of Elders. Yeah. It’s cheesy. It’s embarrassing. It’s wrong on so many levels. But it stuck. Rolls with your tongue easily like a fat boy rolling his tongue with a twinkie (no offense to you people with high BMIs…at least I’m not pushing it like Wii Fit). We were young. Nsider boys. Not all site names make sense after all. Do you even know what IGN stands for these days? IGN = I Got Nothing, perhaps?

One factor that our site will always stand for is the “Project” part of our name. We will always be developing new ways to please readers. Essentially, our site is an ongoing project that will always keep growing.

11 thoughts on “Site RAQ”

  1. Gotta say, pretty entertaining RAQ here. :P Been a whiel since I came around here and glad to see things are still going pretty well. ^_^

  2. Now there’s a name I haven’t seen in awhile. Such a blast from the past!

    Nice to see you again, man! Glad you stopped by. How have you been for the past few years? We missed you as an active staff writer.

    Yeah, I was in a comedian mood when I wrote that RAQ. If you don’t recognize me, my alias is SwordBreaker. :)

    Explore the site and tell us what you think. Tell friends, too! We’ll need all the readers we can get.

  3. Wow, Kezay how’s it going good sir? It has been a LONG time since we’ve seen that name. I hope life has been treating you well. I also hope you like the new site. We’ve been working really hard to make the site more interactive and all around a better place to visit.

    It’s awesome to see you again :)

  4. Yeah I’m still around and things have been going well. And yes I do remember you guys. :P I don’t lose track of memory that quickly, now.

    But yeah I’ll be sure to help spread the word and I’ve been making a point of trying to visit more often.

      1. @Jarrod Nichol: I don’t know what came over me when I wrote this to be honest. I even updated the damn thing with more humor just recently. Maybe I’ll try to be sarcastic more often…some of the on-the-spot things do work from time to time. :P

        @marcus 219: Glad you like, man. :)

          1. Ha ha it WAS fun to read through this, has much as it was informational. 5 stars definitely… @jarrod nichol @Ahmed Mosly

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