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Canadian Gamers – Episode 23

We’re joined by AppetitePat (A.K.A. Pat), and the regular crew of Marc-Andre, Steven, Ahmed and Jarrod.  The boys discuss the Sony E3 2012 press conference, which saw several big announcements including Quantic Dream’s Beyond, and a killer gameplay demo of The Last of Us.  There’s so much in here for your listening pleasure.

Canadian Gamers – Episode 22

This is a big one folks, Ahmed, Marc-Andre, Steven, and Jarrod discuss everything that happened during today’s Microsoft E3 2012 press conference. We go over Smartglass, Halo 4, and everything else that was showcased. So how did this conference live up to our expectations?

Canadian Gamers – Episode 21

Ahmed Mosly, Marc-Andre Lacroix, Steven Lacroix (Marc-Andre’s brother in-law, yeah I know it’s freaky), and Jarrod Nichol join forces to discuss the Nintendo Direct broadcast and all the awesome Wii U news that was revealed during it. This is where our E3 coverage officially begins. DO NOT MISS OUT!

E3 2010 – Driver: San Francisco Senior Game Designer Interview

Marc-Andre and Steven spend some time at the Ubisoft booth, and hit up the Driver: San Francisco Senior Game Designer for a short interview.  The interview is in French, because we wanted to show the company some respect and give the interview in their native language.  Since we’re a Canadian based site, there’s a very good chance that a large portion of readers will indeed understand French.  If not, I’ll work on a translation once all of our E3 content is live.

E3 2010 – Bethesda’s Closed Booth Tour

Jarrod and Marc wanted to give you guys a little idea of what it’s like at a closed booth.  This video is just a small sample of how cool it is to be among the only people invited to check out all the latest goodies at E3.  Our big goal this year was to try and show you exactly what it’s like going to E3, and we hope we’ve given you a small example of that here.