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10 Million People Kinect-ed

That’s a pretty lame title, isn’t it?  I guess I’m a bit tired, so you’ll have to excuse me for that one.  Microsoft wanted us to let you know that 10 million Kinects have been sold since the title debuted last November 4th.  The Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer’s Edition has listed Kinect as “fastest-selling consumer electronics device.”  It beat out the iPhone and iPad.  Pretty impressive stuff actually.  So let’s join Microsoft in celebrating with this awesome picture I found via Google, our very best friend.

Over 60 million games have also been sold, which means that this bad boy has been rather successful.  It’s kind of funny because I remember it like yesterday when Steven and I were checking out the system for the very first time.  We thought we were going to look like idiots and we sure did.  We also had a complete blast.  Thanks to the fond memory, I’m now going to display another wonderful picture.

What does a teddy bear in pajamas have to do with anything? It has nothing to do with anything, but teddy bears are wicked, and everyone loves pajamas am I right?  You know it’s true!