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Let’s Try — Paper Mario: Sticker Star — Gameplay Tour and Level 2-5 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy VIII meets Baten Kaitos meets PC Adventure Game. Need I say more? Here’s a tour of Paper Mario: Sticker Star’s gameplay and part of a walkthrough for level 2-5 by yours truly. Note that this series will continue depending on interest, but don’t expect a full-on let’s play as RPGs tend to make very long videos which may be boring to some viewers. As always, give us feedback.

Xenoblade Highlight Reel: Videos 11-15 (Ongoing)

Small note: the series will currently have a “one video per day” upload rate until I run out of material. It’ll be too tedious to link each video in a separate post so I’m doing them in chunks. Keep checking these hub posts to see the updated playlist material as the code automatically adds new videos in the playlist link here. I hope you’re enjoying the material and feel free to suggest and criticize.