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Sonic: Lost World Debut Trailer Goes X-treme!

Sega has admittedly brought back Sonic from the dead with Sonic Colors and Generations, but the franchise is not back to its full glory yet. Enter Sonic: Lost World, a Nintendo-exclusive title for both the Wii U and 3DS. While it’s too early to judge whether this will really put Sonic back on the map, the snippets of gameplay in this trailer is absolutely awesome. Younger gamers will liken it to a Super Mario Galaxy-esque experience, but older Sega veterans will think even further back in time.

Here’s some gameplay of Sonic X-treme, a cancelled Sega Saturn title which uses a “fish-eye” point of view, combining 2D and 3D elements. Much to my surprise, Sonic: Lost World is obviously heavily inspired by Sega’s past efforts…it’s almost a remake of Sonic X-treme, which actually works really well when combining the Super Mario Galaxy elements into play. I never expected Sega and Sonic Team to look back in this cancelled game with a disastrous development process in order to go forward. It’s a good place to start up a concept from.

Mega Man & Sonic the Hedgehog crossover! In comics, anyway.

In news that makes my inner child swoon with reverence, Archie Comics has unveiled an ambitious comic crossover project starring both Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog! At Archie’s panel during San Diego Comic-Con this year, comic book writer Ian Flynn weighed in on the crossover. He will be working on the project and he will be joined by artist Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante. Kotaku has a rather entertaining interview with Mr. Flynn that you can check out. Not much has been revealed so far, but we can expect to see this impressive mashup come out sometime next year! News likes this makes me wonder what would happen if the games were to ever have a similar crossover. It’s not impossible, given that both companies have shown they do enjoy the occasional mixup. Capcom heroes have fought with characters from Marvel and SNK, while SEGA has mostly stuck with Nintendo. Is it time for the two blue mascots to come together?


Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Announced!

After years of waiting, SEGA has announced something every old-school gamer has been asking for…Sonic the Hedgehog 4!!!  The game will be released through Xbox Live Arcade, the PSN, and WiiWare.  The game will be released in a series of episodes, each apparently being a “full” game.  We’ll have much more information in the coming weeks and months leading up to its release.  Needless to say, this is the first time in a decade I can say I’m extremely excited for a brand new Sonic.  I’ve embedded the official teaser trailer below.  Enjoy!

Umpteenth Time's the Charm: Sonic Returns in 2010!

Each and every time Sonic the Hedgehog claims to make an impact again, it doesn’t happen as expected. While I think that critics were too harsh on Sonic & the Black Knight and Sonic Unleashed, I agree with the fact that both those games weren’t as good as the Genesis Anthology and Sonic CD. Also, gamers don’t give the Sonic Rush series for the DS enough credit, because those games were the closest ones ever to get the classic Sonic formula right.

Here we are again with another “return” game from good old Sonic. Details are scarce, but the teaser trailer definitely gets the vibe right. From the good old classic “Sega 16-bit” vocal scream to highlighting the words “speed returns” and “2D adventure”….definitely the right stuff that fans will find cool. There’s also talk that the game will feature “HD graphics”. It’s very strange that they’re highlighting this feature in particular because most games released on the PS3 & 360 are built for HD. Are they suggesting HD-quality sprites, perhaps? Also, if HD will be a major feature, does that mean that this new game will not be released for the Nintendo Wii? I highly doubt Sega will deny Nintendo as Sonic has built a major fanbase through the re-releases and exclusive collections on the GameCube.

2010 seems closer than expected for the blue blazer to make a return. Will it finally please rabid Sonic fans who cling to nostalgia? More as this story developers.

Source: GameSpot

By the way, what’s with the weird project name? Needlemouse? Seriously?

Sonic & Knuckles XBLA-bound! Lock-on Bonuses Included!

It’s nice to see the Xbox Live Arcade getting classic Sonic the Hedgehog games in succession. On the other hand, people have been complaining of the high prices of these individual downloads. In our current market these games can be found in cheap compilation and collection disks with many more classics included…such as the recently-released Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection (now for 20$) for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Enter Sonic & Knuckles. To be released on September 9th on the XBLA, this final Genesis entry of the Sonic Anthology (which some fans claim to be the last exceptional Sonic game released) will actually include the infamous “lock-on” technology in its emulation code. For those who lived under a rock back in the day, Sonic & Knuckles had an extremely unique property; acting as an expansion to other Genesis Sonic titles when inserting them on top of the cart’s “hatch”. While Sonic 2’s bonus was limited to playing as Knuckles through the same levels, Sonic 3’s additions are a dream come true to many fans. Sonic 3 + Knuckles is the greatest Sonic game ever in my opinion because of how different and expansive it feels compared to playing each title individually…as if it’s a completely different game all-together.

For the past couple of years we’ve yearned for this lock-on technology to be “emulated” perfectly in compilations, only to be denied time after time. The last collection that got it right was Sonic Jam for the Sega Saturn. All the ones after that sadly failed. With Sonic Mega Collection for the GameCube, PS2, and Xbox…the material was there, but the catch was that you had to unlock the bonuses individually by completing mundane achievements like “playing Sonic 3 10 times” and whatnot. Of course, Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection removed lock-on support all together with a cheap excuse; that including them will ultimately lead to removing other classic titles.

With the XBLA release of Sonic & Knuckles, it seems that there are no obstacles to using “lock-on” except for the obvious fact that you must own Sonic 3 and Sonic 2 on your 360. If I’m not mistaken, it’s 5 bucks (400 points) per Sonic title thus far so Sonic & Knuckles should have the same price. For the value of 10$, I’ll gladly download both Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic 3 and experience one of the best Genesis titles ever. Of course, XBLA Sonic ports have certain enhancements not found in the originals: leaderboard support, Xbox Live multiplayer (no co-op sadly), save anywhere, achievements, and slightly optimized graphics for HDTV displays. Good stuff indeed.

Let’s hope Sega gives us Knuckles Chaotix soon after this release. None of the compilations have this 32X classic so it would be great to finally experience it again after all these years. I’m sure none of us feel like tediously setting up a 32X just to play one good game, right?

Source: Shacknews (via 1up)