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Let’s Try — Paper Mario: Sticker Star — Gameplay Tour and Level 2-5 Walkthrough

Final Fantasy VIII meets Baten Kaitos meets PC Adventure Game. Need I say more? Here’s a tour of Paper Mario: Sticker Star’s gameplay and part of a walkthrough for level 2-5 by yours truly. Note that this series will continue depending on interest, but don’t expect a full-on let’s play as RPGs tend to make very long videos which may be boring to some viewers. As always, give us feedback.

The Xenoblade Chronicles Highlight Reel Continues!

You think I was done with this game and recording its side quests? Far from it! Bit by bit, Xenoblade is getting to be one of my favorite games of all time and currently holds my personal record of the most time I’ve spent playing a game — I’m now over 160 hours in and I’ve just gotten closer to the ending of the main quest, while I still have a sizable chunk of side-quests that I need to complete. Enjoy this latest batch of videos and if I get enough feedback, I’ll make more. The last batch had quite a few standouts, with one video that has over 1000 views. Not bad if I do say so myself.

The video and playlist below will automatically be updated as I upload one video per day. 6 new videos are in so far for your viewing pleasure.